Scorpion and Scorpio Tattoo Pictures

The Magnificent Scorpion

Zodiac sign Scorpio is represented by the scorpion, a creature that is both fearsome and fascinating. Whether you're searching for a tattoo design that represents your sign or you simply like the look of scorpions, there's plenty of design inspiration to choose from.

The scorpion tat on this man's arm is an example of tribal-style tattooing, which typically includes the use of black ink and pointed arcs to represent features.

Scorpio Zodiac

This framed Scorpion with the zodiac glyph in a red sphere is a bit of a departure from typical scorpion designs, but it is rather striking. A tattoo like this would look very cool on one side of a person's upper chest or over the ribs.

Lone Scorpion

Here's a highly detailed scorpion done in black ink with minimal shading. It looks fantastic placed over a bicep, but you could have it tattooed almost anywhere and it would still look good. Consider adding Scorpio's zodiac glyph to the design if you want to make it clear that your tat represents your sign.

Tribal Scorpion

Here is another version of a tribal-style scorpion inked with razor sharp edges and full black ink. The overall effect of this tribal variation is slightly abstract, but the pincers and tail are unmistakable. Try it on a shoulder blade or the back of a calf.

Realistic Scorpion

This scorpion tattoo has a fairly realistic look, and its tail is raised as though it's giving a warning. This dovetails with Scorpio's characteristic of withholding trust until it is earned. A design like this goes well on almost any area of the body, but you could place it where you can cover it and only reveal it when you feel the need.

Skeleton Scorpio

A touch of Day of the Dead style, a scorpion's tail subtly winding around the skeleton, and a Scorpio banner all combine to make a very eye-catching design. A smaller version of this design would look good on an upper arm. Tattooed large, it could make a great back tattoo mural.

Battlling Scorpions

Battling scorpions could represent your zodiac sign as well as some personal struggle. The combatants in this design are done in heavy black ink which adds a sense of menace. A tattoo like this could take on even more meaning if it was inked over your heart.

Hand Scorpion

Tattooing the back of your hand might be a bold move depending on your occupation. If you're ready for it, this richly shaded scorpion has a strong, almost punk look that is bound to get a lot of comments.

Scorpion Gem

Adding a little color to your tattoo can really enhance its design. The scorpion flash art pictured here pops with a combination of blue and black. It looks like a scorpion encased in a jewel, so consider representing Scorpio's gemstone, topaz, with the color of your tattoo, and then place it on a wrist or ankle.

Fanciful Scorpio Symbolism

The use of color, geometric patterns and even a few flowers turns this simple black scorpion outline into a really attractive piece of tattoo flash art. The use of a single filler color on the zodiac glyph is a nice contrast to the busy look of the scorpion. This zodiac symbolism would look stunning tattooed on a shoulder or leg.

Delicate Scorpion

Scorpions may be tough but looks can be deceiving. The lines on this design are very fine, and the lack of filler ink keeps the look delicate. The tattoo is done on a smaller scale and looks very chic placed on the back of this woman's shoulder.

Feminized Tribal Scorpio

The softer lines and big eyes of this Scorpion might appeal to anyone who's looking for a more feminine design. The piece includes a small glyph that makes it clear this is meant to be a zodiac tattoo. An ankle or forearm would make a good place for this design.

Primitive Scorpio

If you're a fan of primitive art, this Scorpio design might suit you very well. The lines of the scorpion and corresponding zodiac glyph are uneven, just as they would be if you found them drawn on a cave wall. This only makes the design look more authentic. Picture this tat on a thigh or over a shoulder blade.

Big, Bold Scorpion

If you're ready to commit to a big, bold tattoo, consider a large scorpion design like the one on this woman's back. It's pitch black and spread over her entire back. A piece like this isn't for everyone, so ask a professional tattoo artist for his or her opinion about whether it would suit you.

Choose a Design You Love

This last scorpion is done in a very cute version of tribal style, so it's a nice choice if you want a feminine tattoo. The intricate framing around it makes it an awesome fit for a thigh or calf.

Try to choose a Scorpio/scorpion design that really speaks to you regardless of genre, color or any other factors. You can even take elements from different styles to design your own tattoo. If you love the design and select the perfect placement for it, you'll wind up with a tattoo you will cherish.

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Scorpion and Scorpio Tattoo Pictures