Side Lip Piercings


Are you interested in side lip piercings? This piercing location is becoming more popular with those looking to forgo the basic lip piercing for something more unique. Whether you are someone who is thinking of getting a lip piercing and would like to spice it up, or just want to know more about side lip piercings, keep reading for more information!

About Side Lip Piercings

Are you thinking about getting a lip piercing, but don't know if a center or side piercing is right for you? Here are some reasons you might get a side piercing instead of a centered one:

  • Side piercings are a little different than centered ones. As a result, they are a little more unique to some.
  • For some, a side piercing means that you can wear a more adorned ring, such as a larger loop or ball, because it isn't positioned squarely in front of the mouth.
  • Some like the idea of connecting center lip piercings to a piercing on the side for a bolder look.
  • Piercings on the side of the lip are more comfortable for some.
  • Depending on the person, a center piercing can take longer to heal than a side piercing.

How To Make Your Piercing Unique

Here are a few ideas for customizing your side lip piercing:

  • Piercings on the side of the lips are commonly referred to as 'bites.' There are many different types of bites, such as a piercing on each side (called a snake bite) or two piercing next to each other on either side (called a spider bite). A viper bite is when two side piercings are further apart than spider bite piercings would be. If this idea appeals to you, look into what type of bites you can get.
  • Side piercings give the wearer a little more freedom in the type of material they can put in the hole. Consider getting a larger customized loop or personalized balls on the hoop of your lip piercing to make it unique.
  • Sometimes, wearers will use chains and other links to link facial tattoos together. If you go for any type of lip bite piercing or have another facial piercing, consider the idea.

Tips For Side Piercings On The Lip

So you're thinking about settling down and getting a lip piercing on the side? Here are some tips to make the experience smoother:

  • Not all piercers are the same. Just because someone has experience in center lip piecings doesn't mean they know what they are doing with your side piercing. While in the same general area, there are still practical concerns involved, such as a different piercing angles and pressure. Make sure your piercer knows what he or she is doing and preferably has experience in side lip work at their piercing shop.
  • While some people have generally little trouble with lip piercings, some may have complications. As a result, it's smart to plan your piercing at a time in your life where you can handle it. In other words, don't plan to put a hole in the side of your lip the day before you start a brand new job.
  • Since the skin is a little thinner on the side of the mouth, side piercings can close up quicker than their centered companions. Be aware of this in case you want to take your piercing out for a day or two.
  • Because a side piercing will be closer to your upper lip than one in the middle would be, be careful not to accidentally cut your upper lip. Piercings on the side of the lip are also more likely to cause teeth problems, so be careful to prevent these incidents.


If you've been desiring a piercing on the side of your lip but haven't gone ahead and bit the bullet, what are you waiting for? Side piercings can be attractive and unique and are sure to satisfy your piercing craving!

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