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Opting for simple star tattoos is a great way for newcomers to begin their body art collection, but they also create a visually striking pattern when strategically placed among other tattoos. Of the millions of design ideas for ink-lovers, stars are among the most versatile and enduring.

Why Choose Stars?

People select tattoo designs for personal reasons, and most of the time they're impossible to categorize. If you're considering a star tattoo but aren't sure the symbol conveys the message you want to send, take a look at some of the reasons other people choose simple star tattoos.

  • A small star is a relatively unintimidating first tattoo.
  • Stars often symbolize aiming for personal goals (reaching for the stars).
  • In some cultures, stars are used to document important events such as the birth of a child.
  • Stars are especially attractive to both hardcore astronomy buffs and simple star-gazers.
  • Victoria Beckham chose five stars to represent the members of her family.
  • Some people choose star tattoos for their religious symbolism.
  • Conceptual star tattoo themes include representations of light, hope, truth and spirit.

Elements of Simple Star Tattoos

Despite the simplicity of many star designs, they contain a lot of strength for the bearer and the beholder. Depending upon color, style and placement, a simple star is one of the most powerful body art images.

Star Tattoo Colors

Stars have the versatility to support any color you choose. You can never go wrong with classic black and gray which is perfect for people who admire bold outlines as well as delicate shading. Pale colors like pink, lavender, or soft blue give star tattoos a magical quality combined with a feeling of lightnss. Old school tattoo lovers often choose fearless primary colors like bright red or dark blue. Another popular choice is traditional celestial star hues such as yellow, gold, white or silver. The only limitation for color choice is the canvas itself. For best results, make sure your tattoo achieves maximum contrast against your skin tone.

Star Tattoo Styles

Like their colors, star tattoo styles are available in many varieties. To keep the design as simple as possible, most people choose either a single star or small groups of two or three stars. Another thing to consider when choosing a style is whether you prefer solid stars or outlines. Solid stars typically feature a single shade while outlined stars offer the option of choosing one or more contrasting fill colors. Other simplistic style choices include one large star combined with two or three small stars, one solid star and one star outline, and one or more simple stars with other elements in the background. Whatever you choose, make sure you like the way it looks.

Star Tattoo Placement

Star tattoos can go anywhere on your body, but it's a good idea to keep a couple of things in mind such as the size of the design and tattoo visibility. If you'd like to hide your tattoo in certain situations, then have it placed somewhere that your clothing or accessories can cover. Small stars typically look best on a correspondingly small area of the body like an ankle, shoulder, feet, wrist or hand. This type of placement provides a nice frame for the tattoo and prevents it from getting lost on too large a canvas. Large tattoos are a bit more flexible and look nice on the back, chest, belly or thigh. Where you choose to place your tattoo is a personal decision, so give it some thought before you head to the tattoo parlor.

Star Tattoo Designs and Information

If you're still wondering if simple star tattoos are right for you, take a look at some examples of star tattoos and star flash below.

With all the available resources and inspiration, you'll have many ideas for a simple star design.

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