Cherry Tattoos

One Sweet Tattoo

A cherry design can make a nice entry into the world of tattoos. That splash of red makes it very attractive, and it doesn't have to symbolize anything unless you want it to. It also works in easily with in larger motifs, so if you're looking for a fairly versatile design for you first or next tattoo, consider cherries. You can use the tattoos and flash art in this gallery as inspiration.

Black Cherry Flash

If you're a fan of simple black line tattoos, this cherry flash art may appeal to you. It's bold and unusual, and you could still have your artist fill in the color later on if you decide you want more than the line drawing.

Cherries Can Be Sensuous

Depending on the kind of details added to the design, cherries can look quite sensuous. The placement can also give the design a sexier vibe.

Chocolate Cherry

A chocolate-dipped cherry could also make a very sensual design for a tattoo. Where you have it inked is entirely up to you.

Cherry Tattoo Accents

Cherries make a sweet addition to this Hello Kitty tattoo. This is one example of how easily a cherry tat can be combined with another design.

Sweet Cherry Love

With stems entwined in a heart and heart-shaped cherries, this flash design oozes love and would even make a great couple's tattoo. You and your partner could personalize it further with your pet names for each other.

Retro Style

There's something about a cherry tattoo paired with overall retro style that's very appealing and even a little sassy. If you're a fan of the retro look, try adding a little cherry body art.

Take a Bite

Who knew eating cherries could look so sexy. Of course, you could redesign this flash to view the mouth from one side as the cherries are dropped into it. That would give it more of a decadent feel.

Bright Red Cherries

A set of bright red cherries stands out in the midst of these elaborate chest and sleeve designs and creates a very cool tattoo.

If you convinced a cherry tattoo is the right design for you, talk it over with your tattoo artist and try to create a unique design of your own.

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