White Tiger Tattoos

About White Tiger Tattoos


White tiger tattoos offer a unique spin on a popular design. The tiger has long been considered a symbol of power, especially in Asian cultures, but white tigers have even greater mystique. Very rare in the wild because their coloring makes them easily visible to their would-be prey, these "ghost tigers" are especially prized. You can use them in a tattoo to symbolize your own uniqueness or as a testimony to your own determination to survive.

The following pages offer different illustrations you can use as the basis for your own white tiger tat design.

Stalking Tiger


White tiger tattoos are created with black ink details filled in between with white ink shading.

Majestic Tiger


Don't be afraid to include some scenery in your tiger tat to give it more life. Rocks, tall grass and rivers can all combine in a detailed design.

Tribal White Tiger


This white tiger has been incorporated into the popular tribal style design.



This is a decidely fierce white tiger design that conveys a message of strength and aggression.



This design could be interpreted as a roar or a yawn, depending on your perspective.

Tiger Stripes


If you're looking for a larger body modification than a single tattoo, consider using a tiger strip pattern to cover a larger area of your body. You could create a full sleeve of black and white stripes, or take the design even further if you dare.

The tiger is also included in some Buddhist tattoos. Visit the Buddhist Symbol Tattoo gallery to learn more about these designs.

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White Tiger Tattoos