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Armbands can come in all shapes and sizes. While tribal designs work well as armband tattoos, there are a variety of tattoo ideas. You might try barbed wire, marching ants, or even Samoan designs. Check out these armband ideas to see which one might be your next tattoo.

Barbed Wire

As armbands go, barbed wire is a classic go-to design. It can work for women, but it is typically a masculine design to adorn the upper arm. Not only can this tattoo hold religious significance with Christ's cruxifiction, it also can be used to represent people who are unapproachable or those that have been incarcerated.

Try a Samoan Tattoo

A Samoan design is certainly eye-catching. Polynesian tattoos are used to signify the rich history of the area and the indigenous peoples that have proudly worn these tattoos for centuries. In Samoan, these designs signify rank, status, and even genealogy.


Not all tattoos must hold a rich history and meaning. Some arm bands are cute and others are used to elicit a laugh or two. Ants marching is used to signify how you never give up or it's just for fun, this armband tattoo is unique to say the least.

Go Bold

Armbands do not have to be thin. They can take up a good chunk of your arm like this geometric design. Not only is it bold, but it can say a lot about the wearer.

Really Use the Space

Armband designs come in all shapes and sizes. They can just go around your bicep or they can weave around your arm in an intricate dance. This sprawling abstract armband design can even be used to accentuate your muscles.

Asian Script Armband

Perhaps an Asian script armband is the right design for you? Not only will your tattoo have something to say, but the intricate and unusual letters create an eye-catching design. Therefore, use your tattoo to say something about yourself, literally.

Share Your Body Art

Tribal designs come in all shapes and sizes. This solid black design can come in thin intricate designs or bold thick lines. It can also be a great way to illustrate your unique heritage. Either way, don't be afraid to show off your tats!

Ready for More?

An armband doesn't have to stand alone. You can easily turn this versatile tattoo into a half sleeve design. Therefore, what starts with a simple tribal band can become an intricate geometric design like the one shown.

Jagged Armband

Bold tribal designs show your commitment to ink and can be a great way to define who you are. Designs that go around the bicep come in all shapes and sizes. An armband is just one type. Whether you like thick bold tribal or fun marching ants, there is something for everyone. For more great ideas, visit LTK's Wrist Tattoo Gallery.

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Armband Tattoo Designs