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About Buddhist Symbol Tattoos


A Buddhist tattoo symbol usually carries deep meaning to the person wearing it. Monks receive a variety of ritualistic tattoo symbols, but many everyday practitioners of Buddhism also choose to display their convictions in ink. In the following slideshow, you'll see actual Buddhist tattoos as well as symbolic items from this religion that you can use as inspiration for your own body art.

The Mandala


A mandala is symbolic of the universe. There are thousands of variations on this symbol, so design one that is uniquely your own.

Tingsha Cymbals


Tingsha cymbals are used during prayer and during rituals such as offerings made to the hungry spirits. As a tattoo, the cymbals can symbolize working to improve your karma. Some Tingsha cymbals, like the set shown here, are decorated with the eight auspicious symbols also found in Buddhism.

The Bodhi Tree


According to legend, Buddha received enlightenment while sitting beneath the Bodhi tree. It's an inspiring tattoo symbol for others who are also persuing the path to higher consciousness.

The Aum


The aum is a very ancient sanskrit symbol for a word frequently used as part of a meditation. Many buddhist prayers and mantras begin and end with this vocalization. Its translation is an affirmation of the truth, and as such it has strong symbolism.

White Tara


The Tara is a Buddhist symbol for an enlightened being who represents various virtues. The White Tara depicted here represents purity, healing and compassion. If you're looking for a Buddhist symbol to express your desire for serenity, this design would make a very meaningful tattoo.

Buddhist Prayer Tattoo


One of the most famous of all Buddhist symbol tattoos, Angelina Jolie displays a prayer tattoo on her shoulder blade. It was created for her son Maddox.

Buddhist Prayer Wheel


The Buddhist prayer wheel is used to generate spiritual blessings. As a tattoo, you'll want to have your favorite mantra etched on the side in order to invoke the benefits of Chenrezig, a being who is considered the embodiment of compassion.



Although Buddha himself discouraged having his image used as a symbol of worship, many people still choose to wear his image as a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment.

Find Your Inspiration


There are many more Buddhist symbols that could be used as the basis for an original and meaningful personal tattoo. Keep in mind that it's a sign of respect to locate your Buddhist tat above the waistline, and make sure your tattoo artist is an expert in this genre.

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Buddhist Symbol Tattoo