Christian Tattoo Ideas

Christian Tattoo Pictures to Inspire You

A Christian tattoo gallery can help you find the perfect religious tat. Looking for a cross, fish or Jesus tattoo? See these ideas for inspiration.

If you're looking for Christian tattoos, look no further than the cross. The cross tat can be used to represent the crucifixion or religion itself. It is one of the most common symbols found in Christian tattoo art and a great choice for body art.

Simple, but Full of Meaning

The Jesus fish is a common symbol of faith. Not only can you find this on the back of cars, but also etched into the skin for all the world to see. While you might find this on the wrist or shoulder, this tattoo fits perfectly on the shoulder foot as well. It also pairs well with the Pisces fish. Are you walking with Jesus?

Angel Wings

Angel wings are a common religious tattoo that harkens back to biblical angels. These can be found on the back or around other tattoos like crosses. Angel wings can also be used to signify the loss of a loved on and can be a great tattoo for any gender.

A Symbol of Faith

The Christian fish is a popular tattoo can come in many forms. You can just tattoo the simple fish outline or add a cross or other element. Some people might even add wording that leaves little doubt about their beliefs, such as Jesus, Faith or Love.

Stained Glass Beauty

Stained glass decorates the windows of many churches with large images of Biblical scenes or Jesus himself. Tattoos that mimic this stained glass look can be fun and add an original flare to your religious tat.

A Traditional Jesus Design

Jesus is the ultimate symbol of the Christian faith. Images of him on the cross or just his face are everywhere. Using black work and tribal to create a relief of his face can be a fun way to show your devotion through tats.

Portrait of Jesus

Realistic portraiture of Jesus is another unique idea for your Christian tattoo if realism is more your thing.

Showing your beliefs and faith through tattoos can spark conversation or just share your views with the world. There are many Christian tattoo designs to consider, from simple to intricate. To view more tattoos of a spiritual nature, check out these praying hand tattoo ideas.

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Christian Tattoo Ideas