Cool Tattoo Designs

Spinal Tat

Ideas vary quite a bit regarding which themes rate as cool tattoo designs. There are so many genres, and everyone seems to have a favorite. Still, if a particular design grabs your attention and fires your imagination, there's definitely something cool about it even if you wouldn't necessarily wear it yourself. Like many areas of life, the old saying "To each his own..." certainly implies. Check out the tattoos in this slideshow and decide for yourself how you feel about them.


Change was certainly the big buzzword of the 2008 presidential election, but the theme is eternal.


Maybe mermaid tats are a bit cliche after all this time, but they are still great fun to see.

Floral Sleeve

It's difficult to ignore a gorgeous, full-color tattoo sleeve, and this one really pops!

Full Tribal Back

Tribal tattoos are considered very cool by many modern tat enthusiasts, but they are really a very ancient practice.

Henna Makes Cool Tattoo Designs

Henna tattoos are a tradition amongst Indian brides. They are worn on the hands and forearms.

Henna Foot

Indian brides also wear henna tattoos on their feet. The dye is only temporary, but the intricacy of the design is magnificent.

Belly Tat

Not all tattoos have to be bold to be cool. The delicate shadings of these nature designs are the result of a very talented and practiced hand.

Face and Hand Tattoos

Most people choose to place their body art in areas that can be concealed by clothing if they choose. Facial tattoos are a very bold move even if they're only temporary, but they really work for this woman. Her hand tattoos are quite complementary to the entire motif.

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Cool Tattoo Designs