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Your ankles should be fun, especially when you're tattooing them. Female ankle tattoos run a gamut of styles. Some are bold, some are quite feminine, but all are sure to draw attention. Whether you're looking for ideas to inspire your next tattoo or you simply enjoy looking at female body art, this gallery is sure to please.

Cartoon Style


Cartoonish tattoos are not only fun, but really colorful. You might be conservative with just a simple cartoon cupcake or you might make an elaborate cartoon ankle bracelet. No matter what you decide, the colors should be bright and the subject should be fun. It doesn't have to just stick to the ankle either, it can flow down the entire foot.

Polynesian Abstract


Tribal tattoos have a custom all their own and are very popular designs. However, Polynesian tribal tattoos have their own unique flow and rhythm. Not only can they create a nice anklet but they can flow down the foot in a very delicate way. This accentuates the beautiful curve of your foot making the bold black lines feminine. You might choose to customize this design by adding soft pastels or bold primary colors rather than solid black lines.

Colorful Abstract


Your ankle artwork doesn't have to make sense. Maybe you choose to add a colorful abstract piece. This can be a mix of colored shapes or even abstract lines. Color is the name of the game in an abstract design. Use colors that work together and will complement one another. You might use purples and pinks or greens and blues. The color scheme that you use is nearly as important as the shapes or lines you choose.

Good Luck


Shamrocks are a thing of good luck and good fortune. They work well as abstract pieces and with wording. Another fun thing about the shamrock tattoo is that it is a well-known tattoo design. The ankle doesn't give you much to work with so having a smaller design like the shamrock fits surprisingly well in this space. Adding wording either in English or another language can add a bit of mystery to your design.

Henna Tats


Henna tattooing is different from permanent ink in that it is a dye that will stain your skin for a short period of time. Henna is used in India for brides on their wedding day as a symbol of joy. It's also used by other cultures to symbolize prosperity. These designs along the ankle can be fun and have different meanings depending on how you work your lines. And the truly fun thing about Henna is that it's fully customizable. If you don't like a design, try a new one in a few weeks.

Feather Ankle Tattoo


Dignity, bravery and pride are all meanings of the eagle feather in Native culture. This symbol of strength fits well around the ankle. Not only can you have a black and gray piece but you might choose to add color to give your work some pop. You aren't just limited to a single feather either. Get custom with your Native piece.

Perfectly Palmy


Your love for tattoos and the beach can become one and the same. Not only can you use elements like palm trees but the ocean waves and the sand dancing around your ankle and on to your foot. While you might make your seaside tattoo bold and beautiful through black, adding color can make your work stand out in an original way.

Anchor's Away


Keeping up with your seafaring adventure, you might choose to get a simple anchor on your ankle. Anchor tattoos work great on the ankle because they can be small and are easily recognizable. If you are looking to go a bit bigger, you might get a full color anchor. Not only that, but anchors are easy to add names to.

Double Trouble


The ankle is a great place to get a matching tattoo with your besties, sister and even mother. You might even getting a matching tat with your dad or brother. Matching ankle tattoos can take a variety of forms. They might be full color matching anklets or a simple flying airplane that goes from one person to the next. Whenever you look at it, you will be instantly reminded of one of your favorite people.

Sweet Yet Seductive Rose


Roses are beautiful yet seductive. These designs follow the curve of the ankle bone perfectly. Full color roses can be sensual and fun. However, you might opt for a black and gray design to add mystery. In addition to a single rose, you might link several roses together into an anklet.

Tribal Flower Fun


Flower tattoos on the ankle don't just end with roses. You might choose to have an orchid adorn your ankle or a lily. Make these flowers even more customized to you by adding tribal markings around them. This give the tattoo a delicate yet dangerous appeal.

Chinese Symbols


Words and characters can fit anywhere on the body. However, adding Chinese symbols to the ankle adds a little mystery. Not only is the writing beautiful, but others won't know exactly what the characters mean unless they speak the language. Try making this your own through using color.

Delicate Butterfly Beauty


Butterflies are delicate and beautiful, so if you feel it fits your personality as a woman, go for it. These beautiful pieces of nature fit perfectly along the bone of the ankle. Adding ornamental elements like filigree makes their precious nature stand out even more. Butterfly tattoos are also fun because they can look like they are fluttering up the ankle into the leg.

Cute, Fun Ankle Tats


Tattoos can have a feminine appeal no matter where they are when given the right design. Finding a fun female ankle design that you can modify or just to give you an idea of what you want makes locating the right ink that much easier. Explore several ankle tats that might strike your fancy and even make their way on to your flesh.

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