Female Ankle Tattoos

Classic Female Ankle Tattoos

Female ankle tattoos run a gamut of styles, as the following images will show. Some are bold, some are quite feminine, but all are sure to draw attention. Whether you're looking for ideas to inspire your next tattoo or you simply enjoy looking at female body art, this gallery is sure to please.

Cartoon Style

These cartoonish ankle tats are absolutely fun. The only thing missing is Betty Boop! It just goes to show that anything can serve as inspiration for great body art.


Butterflies are classic designs for feminine tattoos, but a touch of tribal flair gives this design a bit more edge.

Polynesian Abstract

The flow of a Polynesian tribal-style design looks beautiful draped down the ankle and onto the foot.

Colorful Abstract

A colorful ankle tat of your own design might be just the thing to fill the bill.

Good Luck

Perhaps this luck-filled design will bring this bride good fortune on her wedding day.


This ankle and foot tattoo is only temporary, and it's created by staining the skin with henna dye in distinct patterns.

Native American

A Native American design is suitable for any young woman who wants to express her heritage or her love of the culture.

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Female Ankle Tattoos