Flower Tattoo Gallery

Large Lily Tattoo

Flower Tattoos

Flowers can be bold and colorful or soft and feminine. No matter how you choose to wear your blooms, there is no mistaking flower designs as one of the most alluring tattoo options.

Scrolling flower tattoo

Scrolling Flowers

While flower tattoos work well on their own, they also work well paired with other images. This simple design places emphasis on the flowers by stringing them along a large scroll.

Flower tattoo on shoulder

Shoulder Bloom

One of the most popular places to get a flower tattoo is on the shoulder. This naturally curved area helps bring your blooms to life.

Gray scale rose tattoo

Gray Scale

While colorful flowers can make a powerful image, consider how lovely a gray scale flower tattoo would look. The image becomes softer, more intimate and decidedly more alluring.

Full back piece of flower tattoos

Falling Flowers

Make an impact with numerous flowers. These falling lotus blossoms are Japanese in style, and float easily down the back in a feminine flower slide.

Single rose tattoo

Single Bloom

While multiple flowers can make a statement, sometimes a single bloom can be even more bold. Place a single flower away from other tattoos to get the biggest impact.

Cluster of flower tattoos on chest

Tiny Clusters

Flower tattoos can be big and brusting with life, or they can be smaller. Try clustering several small blooms across a larger area for a delicate and feminine tattoo.

Man with rose tattoo

Masculine Flowers

Flower tattoos are worn primarily by women, but not exclusively. Men can wear flowers like red roses as a sign of romance, or as a memorial tattoo.

Two flower tattoos on chest

Double Bloom

Multiply the power of your flower tattoo by two by giving your tat a mirror image. Using two bold blooms instead of one can balance out the body and draw the eye evenly.

Tattoo on lower back


Some tattoos work best in areas like the lower back if there is some symmetry involved. Rather than just sticking to an abstract image, though, add a flower bloom to the center to give it focus.

Floral sleeve

Floral Sleeve

Want to make the ultimate statement in flower tattoos? Consider creating a tattoo sleeve out of nothing but blooms. The riot of color, texture and pattern that is sure to result will be as eye-catching as it is beautiful.

With so many options, you'll have a hard time narrowing down your selection to just one - or a few - flower tattoos.

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Flower Tattoo Gallery