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LTK Hip Tattoo Gallery


Hip tattoos can be painful, given the proximity to the hip bone and the lack of fat in that area. However, this area can create some of the most unique and sensual tattoos found on the body. Hip tats can take a variety of forms and be on both men and women. Full color pieces like this small dragon fit the area well, but large, uncolored designs work too. Check out this gallery for different tat ideas.

Make a Wish


Stars can follow the line of the hip bones really well. You might find these as uniform stars that trace the line of the hip, or they might be stars that get larger or smaller, mimicking a falling star.

Hip Star


While a line of stars might be cool, you can also create a unique look with a single star. This can be a simple black design, or you might want to jazz your star up through unique color work and designs.

Nautical Star


Nautical star designs are unique and interesting. They also fit well in the small space around the hip bone. While you might choose to have your nautical design in color, some choose a simple black and gray scheme. Nautical stars never go out of style.

Playful Kitty


Hips are perfect for small colorful designs like animals. For example, this colorful kitty design creates a sensual flavor to your skin art. Not only is it cute and cuddly, but it curls into the area well.

Scrollwork Always Pleases


The curve of the hip is a unique body area. Abstract scrolling designs that follow this line are not only unique but eye-catching, since they can peek above the line of the pants. Additionally, you don't have to just go with black; color can be added to make your spiraling pattern more original.

Yin Yang Tattoo


Finding balance between positive and negative energy in life can be difficult. A yin yang tat design can help. This simple circular piece fits well on the curve of the hip and lower stomach. You might also try to place this directly on the hip bone. This tat can work well for both men and women.

Floral Tattoo


Not only do the flowing lines of leaves and stems work great along the hip bone, but flower tats make a colorful mix that can span the entire area. You might choose to create a bunch of flowers running along the bone and side. Flowers, along with other elements like water, create a vibrant, colorful piece.

Peace Be With You


Another circular design that fits snuggly along the hip is a peace sign. Not only can this tat help you find your inner peace, this area is only seen if you want it to be.

Show Your Stinger


Small black artwork on your hip doesn't have to be cute. Sometimes, it can be deadly. A little tribal scorpion not only adds a deadly flare but sex appeal as well.

What a Devil!


Hip tattoos aren't only for women. Men can add their own unique artwork through horror images like a devil. The bold color and design make it a very manly hip tattoo. Need more awesome inspiration? Check out some pictures of lower stomach tattoos.

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Hip Tattoo Ideas Gallery