Hip Tattoo Gallery

LTK Hip Tattoo Gallery

Hip tattoos are some of the most painful around, but, as this hip tattoo gallery shows, they're totally worth it!

Here's one hip dragon!

Make a Wish

Here's a sexy trail of stars.

Hip Star

Star power in one simple tat.

Nautical Star

Nautical stars never go out of style.

Playful Kitty

Here's a tattoo that will make you purr.

Scrollwork Always Pleases

Here's an intricate spiral design.

Yin Yang Tattoo

Find balance between positive and negative energy with a yin yang tattoo.

Floral Tattoo

Here's a lovely floral design.

Peace Be With You

Peace out with a traditional peace sign tat.

Show Your Stinger

Here's a sexy scorpion tattoo.

What a Devil!

Men get hip tats too.

Now check out some pictures of lower stomach tattoos...

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Hip Tattoo Gallery