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Beauty is a relative term. Different features are considered beautiful in the current world. A beauty mark or mole is just one of them. A piercing that resembles a beauty mark is known as a "Madonna piercing." Pictures of this lip piercing can help you decide if this look is for you. Madonna piercings are also known as "Monroes."

Channel Cindy Crawford

This type of piercing might also be known as a "Crawford." This is because it resembles the large beauty mark that decorates the supermodel Cindy Crawford's lip. If you love this distinctive look, you can use a simple metal stud to pull this off.

Add a Hoop

To add a little variety to your Madonna piercing, use unique jewelry like a hoop. This can add individualism and a different flare to your piercing. It can also make you stand out from the crowd.

Let Your Piercing Complement Your Look

The madonna piercing works well to complement the face and add uniqueness. It can work alongside other body modifications like a pierced nose and vibrant hair colors. This is a great way to let your unique alternative side shine.

Shake It Up With a Gold Stud

Many madonna piercings you see will use a stainless-steel stud. However, you can add a personal style by changing up the color of the stud. It might be a bright shiny gold or even a rose pink.

Go Subtle With a Small Stud

Madonna piercings can come in a variety of sizes, depending on the stud you choose to use. A small stainless steel stud can appear unobtrusive, while a large stud can stand out more. If you want to keep it simple and subtle, a tiny stud is a great choice.

Choose Some Decorative Jewelry

When considering this lip piercing, you might choose a large stud ball or something with a decorative appearance. For instance, you might use a stud ball in the shape of a flower or even a larger ball to make your piercing really stand out from the crowd.

Color Coordinate Your Piercing

So many styles of studs are available that you can coordinate your madonna piercing to match any other tattoos or jewelry you have. For instance, you might match your earrings to your facial piercing by using a blue metallic stud.

Perfect Piercing

Finding the perfect piercing to fit your preference and personality is important. Finding matching nose and facial studs can really complete your look. Ready for more? Visit LoveToKnow's Body Piercing Gallery.

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Madonna Piercing Pictures