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The Stars of Punk


Punk isn't just about clothes or hairstyle. It is about a culture. A culture that doesn't conform to the norms of society and goes a bit against the grain. Their ink work is an expression of their culture. When you think punk, sometimes bold and beautiful is the name of the game. This includes these stars that line the collarbone. Not only are they eye-catching, but they also work well with the collar and facial piercings.

Express Yourself


Another trend in punk tattoos are bold, colorful collage designs that incorporate different design elements. These might incorporate graffiti or other meaningful artwork like a crown. Not only can these work as individual pieces, but you can mesh several tattoos together to create a colorful sleeve tattoo. You can't forget the spider web elbow!

Don't Hold Back on Color


Color is the name of the game in this vibrant flower design. While the flowers are detailed and bright, the addition of the spiderweb peaking out at the elbow gives this a very punk feel. The colors also just can't help but draw your attention.

Punk Princess


Who says punk style can't also be pretty? It's your choice and no one else's. Accentuating her blood red locks and bold liner, this punk princess is showing off her bold back piece. The bright elements and color really bring together the rebellious vibe.

Full Commitment


What's more punk than covering your entire body in tattoos, especially with images that explore the fight of good and evil or religion? Her arms might be exploring both concepts individually but the work across her chest brings the whole theme together. This is further accentuated with the wording on the knuckles.

Spiders and Spider Webs


Punks are rebellious. Therefore, sometimes their ink follows suit. While spiders and spider webs can be used to symbolize connectivity and creativity, it can also have derogatory meanings like prison and supremacy. Much like the spider, these tattoos show the uniqueness of punk culture.

Mix Colors and Shading


Mixing bold colors and gray shading can really work to make a piece stand out. Not only do the colors really pop, but it gives the work on your arm that much more meaning. Adding this to another piece or as a standalone sleeve can show your individuality.

Portrait Punk Tattoos


Portrait tattoos really stand out. Not only are they unique to the wearer, but it is a tattoo that no one else will have. Making your artwork stand out to your specific subculture through your portrait can make for a great individual punk tattoo.

Punk and Corporate Collide


Your style must stand out. Not only do you not hide who you are and what you think, but you don't want to hide your ink either. Let the bold, beautiful colors of your gothic, horror sleeve shine, no matter what you are wearing.

Head Tattoo


Head tattoos bring with them a reputation. Not only will people stare, but it is generally a no-no in society. Punks can commonly get tattoos on their heads to demonstrate their rebellious and sometimes anti-establishment attitudes. These tattoos can range from small to covering the entire scalp.

Punk tattoos come in a range of styles and sizes. However, most work to show the attitudes and thought of this subculture. There are plenty of cool tattoo designs to consider if you want to express yourself in ink.

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Punk Tattoo Photo Gallery