Sexy Tattoo Ideas for Men

11 Sexy Pics of Men with Tattoos

Tattoos can add sex appeal to anyone. However there are some specific designs and placements that can really ramp up the sex appeal of any man. This black tribal piece that runs from this man's chest to his wrist is just one example of sexy male designs.

Lazy Days and Sexy Tats

Doesn't he look comfortable? The dragon dancing along the muscle of the model's inner bicep adds a little something extra. Dragons are the mark of a warrior, and he definitely looks like a warrior.

Two Smoldering Guys

Vipers are deadly but they look good crawling up this Viking's arm. The flow of the tattoo not only accentuates the lines of his bicep, but it adds a distinct sex appeal. Bold black line work, and thick designs also scream manliness.

Tough Guy in the Rain

Lower abdomen tattoos are hot. It doesn't matter if they are on men or women; they scream something forbidden. Black tribal designs that follow the curve to the pubic area can make a really sexy piece.

Sexy Sleeve

Sexy on men doesn't mean that it needs to be all in black. Adding a little color to a large tribal sleeve can not only accentuate the muscles of the arm but draw interest to the skin. It makes the eyes travel along the lean lines of the collar bone and bicep.

A Sensual Display

The muscles of the back are just sexy. Tattoos that follow along these lines, drawing your eyes from one muscle to the next, can really add an appeal. While they don't have to be black, thick bold lines give off a manly flavor.

Tatted Tarzan

Perfectly placed tattoos are just sensual, especially tattoos that draw the eyes toward your pubic region or dance along appealing areas of the body like the sides. This dragon skims along the side of the abdomen, making it nearly impossible to look away.

Tribal Passion

Dark, bold, black lines that swirl around the muscle of the bicep or along the ridge of the back add a manly quality to the body. The thick lines are reminiscent of ancient warriors ready for battle. Is it getting hot in here?

Scorching Hot!

This one is so hot he is on fire! Skulls are dark, mysterious and add a forbidden vibe to a tattoo. A flaming skull with red eyes might scream stay away, but the wild child within you just wants to get a little closer.

Bad, Bad Boy

Tattoos draw your attention and your eyes. Whether they are drawing them to forbidden areas or providing a nice peek, if you want sexy, try a chest tattoo. Not only are these masculine, but interesting design makes you unable to look away.

Perfect Body and Beautiful Tatts

Sexy isn't all about black tattoo designs. Sometimes, you have to add a little color to make your tattoo pop. Tattoos can be equally sexy on men or women.

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Sexy Tattoo Ideas for Men