Skull Tattoo Designs From Simple to Unique

Cool Skull Tattoo Gallery

If you've always thought skull tattoos were only worn by tough guys and bikers, this skull tattoo gallery will show you otherwise. People from all walks of life, and of all genders, like skulls. There are also a variety of different types of skulls that you might design a tattoo around, including realistic and scary skull designs or even cute sugar skulls.

Large Back Skull Tat

When you look at this skull, pirates might come to mind, or maybe you think of something toxic or forbidden. In addition to the traditional skull, you can customize it by adding an eye patch or just making it wicked cool.

Skull Shoulder Tat

Skull tattoos can also take on a different flavor with a zombie twist. Maybe your skull has a little bit of flesh still hanging on its bones. Add a little blood and one lone eye and you can definitely feel the old school gore era. A tattoo like this works well on the shoulder area.

Feminine Skulls

Skulls can have a feminine flair. They don't have to be cutesy to pull it off, either. Add a little color and other distinct touches to make your skull as girly - or not - as you are.

Worm-Infested Skull

Skulls and gore go together like Jenny and Forest. You can even make it more cringe-worthy by adding intricate details like worms and magots squirming out of it. It's all in the details.

A Ghostly Skull

Not every tattoo has to be complex and realistic, just like not every skull needs to be scary. Having a simple line drawing or a character skull creation can make your skin art unique to you. It can also add a child-like flair to your ink.

A Ghoulish Representation

Skulls can have so many meanings, but death is a big one. Rotting corpse skulls are a perfect representation of the end of life. However, it is also a rebirth with the worms giving back to the Earth. It's all relative.

Skull Chest Tattoo

Skulls and roses are the ying and yang of the art world. While one represents death, the other beauty. There is something very beautiful in the circle of life represented by this chest line artwork.

Skulls and Ribbons

The ugliness of a skull next to something beautiful like ribbon is a unique mix. These two elements thrown together can represent the concept of mortality, but with a feminine twist. It can also show the ugly side of beauty.

Hooded Skull

This hooded skull offers a clear feminine vibe in the delicate cheekbones and the jewel-like eyes. It seems to have a saintly appearance as it dances across the woman's shoulder. It offers a cool, stark contrast to the ghoul next to it.

Skull Gone Grunge

Maybe you have a flare for death metal or like 90s grunge. Whatever the case, this skull might be right up your alley with its smiling face and wings. Skull designs can come in all different types.

Your skull tattoo can take on any form; just choose the style and design that works with your style and personality to make a powerful statement in ink.

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Skull Tattoo Designs From Simple to Unique