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Twinkling Tats

Although the star seems like a simple design, a star tattoo gallery shows a stunning amount of variety. Stars, whether of the space or the shape variety, offer unlimited design possibilities. Black and white or color; line art or shaded; simple or embellished, the sky is truly the limit. Find your perfect star design or use these to get inspiration to customize your own.

Twin Nautical Stars

Do you love the sea? Are you a sailor at heart? Decorate your skin with a nautical star design. This five-point star, with alternating dark areas is representative of the sea and a compass rose. Customize your tat by adding colors like red or blue. This star design also works well alone or in pairs. Some may choose to add multiple nautical stars to a sea or ocean themed sleeve or full back piece.

Bold Black Design

The lower back is a great place to add a single piece like a bold outlined design. Centering the star in this flat area makes the symmetry of the star stand out on the flesh. Adding text in English or another language can also customize your work to make it unique. The use of the font for the text can also give the work a feminine or masculine feel.

A Burst of Color

Although the back is probably the number one placement for star tats, the chest is a close second. Embellish your stars with flowers and vivid colors. This star-studded burst of color can look great on the chest but try adding it across to the leg or arm as well. Totally customize this piece through adding a different color scheme or moving the stars around.

Twin Stars

Two is always better than one. Using a twin design on your body can be fun and unique. You don't just need to stick to the arms or legs either. You might choose to add your twin stars to your shoulder, hips, feet, wrists and more.

Flirtatious Feet

If you're looking for a flirtatious foot design, it's tough to beat shooting stars. You might choose a shooting star outline or fill them in. Make your shooting stars fancy by adding all the colors of the rainbow.

Star of Fire

Even celebs, like the lead singer of Papa Roach, like star tats! Mimic his unique flame star that is surrounded by rays. While he chooses to have his on his neck, you might pick a more discrete location for your flaming star. Speaking of celebrities, why not check out some tattooed celebs right now!

Simple Star Tat

Not only is this star simple, but it is discretely located underneath of the bicep. A solid star doesn't have to just be black. Add colors with a black outline or forgo the outline all together and just use color. A simple star can be small or large and fit from your finger to the top of your toe.

Free Falling Star

If you want to add a little pizzaz to your nautical star, make it a free falling star. Use fun ribbons to show the path of your free falling star. You can also choose to add other fun elements like swirls or stardust to truly make your tat out of this world.

Galaxy of Stars

Why just have one star when you can have a fun dancing galaxy flowing along your arm. Perfect in black or color, this fun network of stars flows together. Not only are they connected by fun curling lines but each of the different stars are unique making this design easy to customize.

Stars That Pop

Bright colors and background can be perfect for making stars out of the negative skin space. Not only does this make the stars stand out, you can really have fun with the colors and designs dancing in the background. Want to go for a true negative space feel? Remove the lines completely and let your colors work their magic.

Line of Nautical Stars

Nautical stars are a fun element to work with in your inked design. Not only can you have just one, but you can have a line of sea stars rolling down your side. Like the image, these might all be uniform or you might choose to vary their size. You aren't limited to your side either, a line of nautical stars can fit just about anywhere.

Star Path

Stars are so diverse that you can create several designs in one star piece. Sticking to a simple outline can be fun or you might add bright reds and purples. You can even pattern your stars or just let them be free.

Simple Foot Decoration

While a line of stars can be fun, one star on your foot can have a lot of significance. It could represent a single wish that you hope to come true or you just like the twinkle. Single star tats on your toes also look fun in your flip-flops.

Star, Moon, Sun

Don't let your star roam alone! Adding elements like the moon and sun can give your stars some partners in crime. Keep it simple with an outline or create an elaborate moon, sun and star designs in full color. The line that this creates can look great down the arm or even across the back.

Abstract Star

Distinct five point stars have a certain eye-catching appeal. However, you don't have to be limited to a perfect five point outline. Take your star into the realm of abstraction. It's still a noticeable star, just with a bit more flare. And don't forget the color if bright is your thing.

Moon & Stars

A crescent moon with stars is a classic design. This design doesn't have to be bland though. Placing additional elements like the cat on the moon can take this classic piece into something unique. Remember, you are only limited by your imagination.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Creating a double outline inside your five-point star can make it twinkle. It also adds a unique twist to the simple star design. Get crazy and make your inside or even your outside line a different color, like electric pink. Don't just stop at two lines either, try adding more to see how it looks.

Delicate Wrist Star

Stars can be big or stars can be small. This little wrist tat is a delicate design that adds a little bling to the inside of your wrist. It isn't just a normal tat either, this little star can represent something you want or even a person. You don't need it to be night to wish upon a star; just look down.

Stars Falling Down

Rather than London Bridge falling down, the stars are trailing down your stomach. The thick bold outlines of the stars make them pop against the skin. Adding in solid stars also works to add variety. Want to make this even more sparkly? Add a few small twinkling lines around the stars or even a few negative space stars.

Arm of Stars

While one star is great, a whole galaxy of stars on your upper arm are amazing. Adding a variety of solid, outline, negative space and even twinkling stars can add interest to your tat. While this might be a single piece, dozens of stars on your arm can easily turn into a colorful sleeve.

Star Blues

Stars are diverse tattoo elements. Not only can they work alone but they can come in groups. They might fall down your arm or dance along your side. A single star is also a great decoration on your shoulder or your hip. Don't just stop at stars, add a whole galaxy.

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