Star Tattoo Gallery

Star Tattoo Gallery Ideas

Although the star seems like a simple design, a star tattoo gallery shows a stunning amount of variety. Stars, whether of the space or the shape variety, offer unlimited design possibilities. Black and white or color; line art or shaded; simple or embellished... the sky is truly the limit.

Placement Potential

Backs lend them themselves well to star designs.

Lower Back Tattoo

The lower back is ideal for stars... and deep thoughts.

Easy to Cover Star Tat

Appropriately, this star takes center stage. However, you can easily conceal this tat when you don't want to show it.

Flowers and Stars

Although the back is probably the number one placement for star tats, the chest is a close second. Embellish your stars with flowers and vivid colors. Check out this star-studded chest tattoo.

Sexy Star

This dead ringer for Lady Gaga sports a star tat on the front of her shoulder. The design is very simple, yet still quite sexy!

Stars are Gender-Neutral

Thicker, bolder lines are appropriate for a masculine design.

Go Symmetrical

Sometimes two tattoos are better than one. Think about a matching set!

Flirtatious Feet

If you're looking for a flirtatious foot design, it's tough to beat shooting stars.

Simple Foot Star

Here's a different take on flirty foot stars.

A Star and His Star

Even celebs, like the lead singer of Papa Roach, like star tats!

Speaking of celebrities, why not check out some tattooed celebs right now!

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Star Tattoo Gallery