Surface Piercings

About Surface Piercings

Surface piercings look awesome, but they need special care. Unlike most piercings, these piercings simply pass just beneath the skin and out again. There is little to anchor them, so they are prone to migration. They are also more likely to be rejected. This is as true for a fresh piercing as it is for an older one that gets bumped.

A sternum piercing, picture here, is one of the most popular types of surface piercings. A series of barbells are used to create the illusion of single studs.

Wrist Piercing

Wrist piercings are growing more popular, but a flexible area like this is a prime candidate for migration. For this reason, the best type of jewelry to use is a surface barbell with flat heads that are less likely to catch.

Eyebrow Piercing

People often don't think of this piercing as a typical surface piercing, but there is little to anchor a barbell in this area.

Eyebrow Line Piercing

Similar to a standard eyebrow piercing, this piercing follows the line above the eyebrow and is filled by two separate barbells.

Bridge Piercing

This piercing is less suitable for anyone who wears glasses, but otherwise it's one of the more likely spots for a successful surface piercing.

Lower Back Piercing

Although attractive, the lower back is another area prone to migration due to friction from clothing. This is another area where it's best to use a surface barbell with flat heads to avoid pulling.

Cheek Piercing

Yet another classic surface piercing. A surface barbell that is made from flexible plastic tubing often works better in this delicate area.

Corset Piercing

The corset is one of the most difficult surface piercings to maintain long term. It's far too easy to accidentally bump the captive bead rings when sitting back or lying down. Plus, even the slightest pressure from threading the jewelry practically guarantees migration, scarring and ultimate rejection.

Multi-Navel Piercing

Most navel piercings make just one pass through the skin, but this particular piece of body jewelry requires multiple piercings, significantly increasing the chance for migration.

Extreme Piercing

This image shows just how creative a person can be with surface piercings. If you enjoyed this slideshow, check out Madonna Piercing Pictures.

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Surface Piercings