Tramp Stamp Pics

A Word About Tramp Stamp Pics

Looking for stamp tramp pics? This colorful slang term is often used to describe women's lower back tattoos, although you should never assume anything about a woman's character just because she has one. Still, this tat placement can look rather seductive peaking out from the back of a pair of low riders, or better yet, when wearing a bikini swimsuit. Most women who wear these tattoos don't mind if you have a look, but try to keep it respectful. If you'd rather not get caught looking in person, just check out the tattoos on the following pages.

Absolutely Unique

Chinese calligraphy, a heart and some tribalesque vines combine to create an extremely unique tattoo. You can be sure this combination has distinct meaning to the woman wearing it.

Tribal Simplicity

This tribal design is extremely simple, yet it really captures attention.

Celtic Tribal

This design includes a standard tribal tattoo anchored with a Celtic knot. The small lizard near the right hip adds extra interest, as does the primative dragon tat on the woman's right shoulder.


This bold tattoo instantly becomes more demure when veiled beneath sheer nylon.


Butterfly tattoos are a perennial favorite among women.


This belly dancer's tat proves that a lower back stamp can add a lot of sensuality.

Feminine Tribal Scrolls

This shot really shows just how well these tats and bikinis go together!

Tribal Key of Life

The ankh is an Egyptian symbol for infinity, and it was believed to be the key to the underworld. It looks quite dramatic as the center for this tribal tattoo.

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Tramp Stamp Pics