Wedding Tattoo Pictures

Wedding Tattoo Pictures Gallery

This gallery of wedding tattoo pictures just goes to show that not every couple feels a need to cover up their ink on their special day.

Bridal Angel Wings

This bride certainly has her own sense of style. She chose a dress that would definitely show off the angel wing tats on her chest.

Bride with Celtic Armband

This bride's gown guarantees her Celtic armband is proudly displayed for all to see.

Beach Wedding

As this picture shows, the groom wears the ink in this family. Still, you never know what the bride may be covering up beneath those long sleeves.

Tattooed Bridesmaid

This picture features the bride showing off her garter, but it also reveals a bridesmaid's ankle tattoo.

A Simple Gown and Tattoo

This bride chose an open back gown and an upswept hairdo to make sure her ink would be visible.

Elegant and Inked

This bride proves that you can have ink and still look elegant on your wedding day.

Bridal Henna

It's traditional for Indian brides to wear henna tattoos on their hands and feet.

Bride with Henna Hands

The henna designs are believed to bring luck to the marriage.

More Bridal Henna

As tradition has it, the longer the henna lasts, the longer the bride can wait before she has to take over the household duties.

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Wedding Tattoo Pictures