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A wrist tattoo gallery can serve as an inspiration for your wrist art. Although the wrist is a small space, its flat, smooth surface makes a perfect canvas for body art. From whimsical designs to thought-provoking displays, everything looks great on the wrist.

Bar Code Tat


You never realize how many bar codes there are in the world. Everything you buy has one. Everything you ship has one. In some cases, people have one on their inner wrist. The bar code might show your loathing for consumerism or how you think society itemizes itself like products on a shelf.

Greek Key Design


A Greek key has cultural significance. It can be used to symbolize the unity of an entire culture with the key holding it together. Additionally, it makes a nice uniform design on your wrist. While this can be in color, black and gray really makes it shine.

What Do You Want to Say?


Word tattoos are a great way to express yourself. What you mean is written in ink for all the world to see. The wrist makes a great place for words that make a statement, like this decorative Momma's Girl tattoo. She's telling the whole world how important her mother is to her.

Numbers Can Be Significant


Numbers on the wrist can hold epic meaning. It could signify a date of birth or your prison number. It could also be a date that is important to you. If you need a daily reminder, the wrist is a great place to work in a number tattoo.

Lizards Look Cool


Outline designs, like this lizard, are great on the wrist. While the space is small and doesn't leave much room for detail, an outline design can be a great way to liven up your ink. And it can remind you of your favorite little reptile.

Try Out Your Design with Henna


Wrist tattoos don't have to be permanent. You can try out a design that you really like in henna. Maybe it will become permanent some day. Plus, henna designs are just fun.

Consider Wristband Designs


A wrist tattoo doesn't have to be a static design. Allowing your tattoo to take on an organic nature and follow the natural curves of your body through a weaving wristband can take your tat to the next level. The wrist also makes a great place for flowing, curvy designs like vines and flowers.

Sometimes Bolder is Better


Wrist tattoos can be as bold as your personality by using thick line work and bold geometric shapes that wrap around your wrist like a thick leather bracelet. Who knows? Maybe it is the starting point for some really righteous flames.

Be Creative


To really make your wrist tattoo pop, add vibrant colors and bold choices. These flowers seem to dance off the wrist of this woman catching any on lookers eyes.

Let Your Star Shine


Stars can hold a plethora of meaning and fit nicely on the outside or inside of the wrist. Maybe these signify family members or her lucky number is three. Whatever the case, the bold black stars dance off her skin like something straight out of a starry night. Wrists are small, but your options for inking this space are limitless. Now check out this gallery again and find the best fit for you.

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Wrist Tattoo Ideas