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The yin and yang design can mean many things from opposites and balance to a share of responsibility on earth. No matter what your personal yin yang connection is, there is certainly a tattoo design out there to define it.

Butterfly Yin Yang


The yin yang design can be incorporated in other tattoos, as well as stand on its own. Here it takes the place of the "eyes" on a butterfly.

Yin Yang Sun


Because the basic shape of the yin yang symbol is circular, you can add it to any basic round tattoo design, such as an image of the sun.

Yin Yang Ghosts


While the basic yin yang symbol typically has meaning, it can also be used as a fun way to display other images. These ghosts make a unique and eye-catching design perfect for an interesting tattoo.

Sun and Moon


In some legends, the yin yang symbol stands for the moon goddess and the sun god, who share responsibility for earth. Taking the basic yin yang symbol and incorporating those images creates this unique sun and moon tattoo.

Good and Evil


One way to describe the yin yang symbol is to say that there is a little good in evil and a little evil in good. Putting the yin yang symbol in a black widow image is one way of illustrating this theme.

Heavy Yang


The yin is the symbol for female, while the yang is male. Most yin yang designs balance the two equally, but some images can be heavier on one side to emphasize certain traits, like this heavy yang tattoo.

Yin Yang Fish


The significance of the koi image can be mean luck. Turning two koi into a yin yang images symbolizes the balance of good and bad luck.

Yin Yang Dragon


Dragons can be used to symbolize peace, as well as strength, power and a strong will. Having a dragon holding the balance of the yin and yang can be an even more powerful image.



The yin yang symbol can exist well on its own. Bring a little extra attention to the area, though, by surrounding it with a secondary image, such as a starburst.

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Yin Yang Tattoo Photo Gallery