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Are you interested in learning about strange hand piercings? As the global interest in body modification increases, people are finding more and more ways to alter their body. One of the newest advents in body modification is strange hand piercings. Keep reading to learn more about hand piercings and for some advice if you are considering getting such an extreme body modification.

Strange Body Modifications--Why?

To some, it may be odd why anyone would choose to modify there bodies in certain ways, such as tattoos or piercings. But to others, the reasons are clear. Common reasons that people enjoy body modifications are:

  • The desire and interest in being unique, especially in the case of stranger modifications. Some people find interest in modifying their body in new and inventive ways that few have thought of prior.
  • Express sentiment and ideas. Much in the same way some paint in order to express themselves, some use their body as their canvas.
  • Aesthetic value

Whatever the reason, people choose to get piercings and other body modification because in one way or another, they make them happy.

Strange Hand Piercings

There are several different types of hand piercings that one can get:

  • Finger web piercings
  • Top-of-the-finger piercings
  • Finger mound piercings
  • Wrist/hand piercing
  • Top-of-the-hand piercings

Finger Web Piercings

Stretch your fingers out and look at the web that appears at the base in between each finger. If you have trouble seeing it, it is most pronounced between your pointer finger and thumb. One of the most popular types of hand piercing involve this spot. Some will choose to pierce a hole in one of their finger webs and put a hoop or stud in the hole. Others will choose to pierce all of their finger webs. There are still others who who pierce their finger webs and use either jewelry or other adornments to attach the holes together.

Top of the Finger Piercings

While many people choose to get a ring finger tattoo, other choose to get a piercing across the top of their fingers on the lowest knuckle. Some will even pierce all of their lower knuckles.

Finger Mound

Another commonly used hand modification is similar to the top of the finger piercing but is placed on the finger mound. Traditionally, a bar is placed through to complete the look.

Wrist/Hand Piercing

The flesh where the hand meets the wrist is another common location for hand piercings. Bars or loops are common jewelry in this area.

Top-Of-The-Hand Piercings

Perhaps one of the most popular hand piercings is on the top of the hand. The location gives rise to many different possibilities. Some people will get multiple studs on their hand in different patterns. Some of these studs will even be connected with chains and the like.

Strange Arm Modification?

According to BBC. Australian performer Stelios Arcadiou (better known by his stage name, Sterlarc) scoured the word to find a surgeon who would implant an ear created in a laboratory from human cartilage into his arm. While the decision is met with much controversy from those who find his surgery offensive, Arcadiou finds his arm-ear to be one of the highest expressions of art.

Common Problems

A common problem with this form of body modification is that it can become easily infected due to its position on a commonly used limb. Another problem with this location is that the body will often reject the piercing. The biggest risk of this form of modification--however--is the risk of pinching a nerve in the process and possible paralyzing the hand.

Tips For Hand Piercings

If you are interested in a hand piercing, a few tips you should consider are:

  • Before anything else, find a qualified artist in your area with experience in hand piercings. Sit down with them and discuss the risks and benefits and make sure the piercing is for you.
  • Before you get your hand tattoo, begin a regimen of cleanliness with your hands. Once you get your piercing, one of the best things you can to to make sure you keep it is to keep it clean.
  • Consider the ramifications the piercing may have on your employment. Do you work somewhere that type of piercing may be frowned upon? Do you do a lot of work with your hands that can harm both you and those you work with? If this is the case, reconsider the piercing.
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