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If you want a playful and feminine tattoo design, strawberry tattoos may strike your fancy!

Meaning of Strawberry Tattoos

Strawberry tattoos conjure up many delectable images. For some, the strawberry is just a popular and tasty red fruit ripened in the early summer. Others have a love of strawberries for their unique and romantic lore. Of course, there are also those who relate this sexy fruit to fertility and temptation, much like the luscious and tasty cherry. If you want to discover just how many reasons there are to consider a strawberry design, take a deeper look at some of the most popular strawberry tattoo inspirations and meanings.

  • Fertility: Strawberries are likened to cherries in the way they often represent the most feminine and fertile traits of women. The French once believed strawberries were the ultimate aphrodisiac. In order to tempt man on his wedding night, strawberries were served to both the bride and groom to ensure their sexual relations with hopes of conception. Today, champagne and strawberries make a universally romantic pair.
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    Love: For those seeking eternal love, a strawberry tattoo has plenty of romantic sentiment. It is believed that if two people share in the consumption of a double ended strawberry, they will fall madly in love. If you have a soul mate you want to celebrate with a unique tattoo idea, a strawberry tattoo makes a playful and flirtatious choice for couples. If you're seeking love, why not wear your heart on your sleeve with a mysterious single strawberry tat?
  • Roses: If you love roses but want to add your own distinctive spin on the most popular flower tattoo, you may find the strawberry of interest. Although not common knowledge, strawberries are actually part of the rose family. While their petals may not bear the scent of their aromatic sisters, the fruiting strawberry ripens to a gorgeous shade of red, rivaling the rose in sweet consumable flavor.
  • Fairy legends: For those who have a love of all things elven and fairy, a strawberry tattoo makes a charming and mystical tattoo choice. Every spring, Bavarian farmers offer a small basket of ripe strawberries to legend elves with hopes that they will offer their unique blessings to the farm cows for a productive milk season. With baskets of wild strawberries tied to their horns, cattle are driven to the fields with hopes to receive the spoken elven gifts.
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Placement Ideas

Depending on your reason for choosing a strawberry tattoo, placement ideas are endless. If your strawberry design represents fertility, consider placing it on an intimate area such as the hip. For a fairy canvas, why not choose the back and add a woodland array of mushrooms and forest trees? Little elves can peek out of hidden branches offering their mischievous grins.If you want to keep your strawberry design simplistic, a simple flowering vine tattoo is perfect for the ankle. Since the strawberry is a petite berry, there are plenty of places to add this design, whether it be a single berry or an entire bushel!

Get Creative

Farmers bribed elves with berries!

As with all tattoo designs, feel free to get creative with strawberry tattoos. Although the berries themselves have plenty of interest and offer a bold pop of color all on their own, you can still add to their charm with a unique and meaningful design.

If you want to get creative and add your own flair to a simple strawberry tattoo, consider flowers, vines, hearts and portrait designs as likely pairings for this sweet tat. Since the bold red color of the strawberry takes center stage, you may want to incorporate a black and white design around the berry for added impact. Snakes can also be paired with a strawberry for a unique alternative to the tempting apple.

While the strawberry may be best known for it's sumptuous flavor, this bright, heart-shaped berry has long been the symbol of perfection, making it the perfect tattoo choice for discriminating tastes!

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Strawberry Tattoos