Tattoo Airbrushing Kits


Whether you're looking to start a trendy new business or just have some fun with friends, there are tattoo airbrushing kits to meet your needs.

What's In Tattoo Airbrushing Kits


Depending on the system that you buy, there may be more or less of some of these items, but each kit should contain at least the following:

  • Equipment. The equipment may be as simple as the airbrush and compressor, or it may be more encompassing and include cleaners, extra tubes, and all sorts of other goodies to keep your kit running in tip-top shape. The quality and type of airbrush will vary greatly from kit to kit, so make sure the one you buy has the airbrush and compressor you want.
  • Stencils. Stencils are used to apply the airbrush tattoo. They are held on or attached to the skin, then the artist sprays into them to transfer the design onto the skin.
  • Artwork. This is not the same as the stencils - it is really more like tattoo flash. It is meant for the artist to hang on the wall and use as samples.
  • Ink. This is the one supply that you will need to constantly replace. Most kits come with at least seven different colors, but the amount of ink varies. You may need to buy more before you can open your doors if you're doing this for a business. Ink is another item that varies in quality, so make sure that the ink you get is a high enough quality.
  • Training. Almost all kits contain some form of training, whether it is a book, video tape, or DVD.

Where To Buy Tattoo Airbrushing Kits

This is just a short list of companies out there. You may also be able to find a local supplier.

The Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Store

The Temporary Airbrush Tattoo (TAT) Store is the industry leader in temporary airbrush tattoo supplies worldwide. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee (starting the day you receive the kit). The tattoo airbrushing kits start at $1,997 and run to $3,997. They have Starter, Professional, and Entrepreneur Kits.


Airtoo has a video demo on their website, as well as a link to their AIM address for any questions a wanna-be airbrush tattoo artist may want to ask. They offer Mobile Event Systems, Push Cart Systems (two different levels), and a Countertop Kit. There are no prices on the website - you need to contact them.

Tribal Ink

Tribal Ink provides airbrush tattoo products and airbrush tattoo kits for temporary airbrush body art industry. They offer something for everyone, from their $297 Fun Kit all the way through their Turn-Key Pro Business System for $3,850.95. In between are the Mini Starter Kit and The Big Kahuna.

Airbrush BodyArt

Airbrush Body Art is located in Australia and has been in the temporary tattoo and Airbrush BodyArt business since 1979. They offer expert advise and after sales services. The kits they offer include a Starter Kit ($293), a Pro Kit ($543), and a Volume Parlor 2000 ($993).

Girl Crush Airbrush Tattoo Maker is available at This is a $15 airbrush tattoo kit for children. It's "airbrush" is a simple blow pen, and there is a very limited number of stencils and inks.

Tanning Systems

Other than airbrush tattoo kits act as tanning kits. Most of these kits will include the airbrush, compressor, tanning solutions, training materials, and brochures. The Temporary Airbrush Tattoo (TAT) Store carries an airbrush tanning kit for $999.

Things To Keep in Mind


Before you do anything else, determine your needs. If you're just looking to do this for fun, the kit you buy won't be the same as someone who is looking to open a kiosk in a mall or on the beach. One company's "Starter" kit may not be anything like another's. Check the contents of tattoo airbrushing kits carefully before purchase. You may want to look for reviews of products included in the kits - not all products are equal, and while you may save money buying a kit, you might have to replace parts that aren't up to the task. Airbrush Technique's website has a spot for reviews of products where you can ask questions and see what other professionals have to say about airbrushes, paints, and more.

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