Tattoo Art

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Tattoo art is not only seen on skin, but on wall décor, clothing, bags, and jewelry. Tattoo culture is continuing to grow in popularity, and tattoo enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite art in many different ways.

Tattoo Flash

The most commonly found form of tattoo art is flash. These are tattoo design ideas and can often be found on the wall of tattoo shops and salons. This artwork can help you get a feel for the style and look you want in your tattoo. Some people opt to have an exact replica inked on their skin. Others choose to use this art as inspiration for original works and custom designs. There are many online resources to find tattoo flash, here are a few to get you started:

Tattoo Style Clothing

Tattoo art is a popular embellishment on clothing for women and men. This type of artwork can be found on everything from hoodies to lingerie. You can find tattoo clothing in many stores and online. A few places to find tattoo style of clothing are:

  • Too Fast Online- Check out this online store for hoodies, t-shirts, and even tote bags accented with tattoo designs.
  • Hot Topic- In malls across the country, Hot Topic stores offer clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other items. If there is not a store in your area, you can also shop online.
  • Sailor Jerry- Most of us cannot get enough of this artist's work. The Sailor Jerry website has a complete line of clothing and novelty items accented with his classic tattoo style.

Tattoo Wall Art

There are many options for tattoo art home décor. From framed posters to original paintings, the popularity of tattoo style artwork has created many decorating options for tattoo lovers. There are even wall tattoos. These removable pieces of wall art do not require framing and adhere directly to the wall. No nails required!

For the tattoo art connoisseur, you may even consider tattoo sculptures, pillows, and bedding to go with the beautiful artwork on your walls.

Tattoo Art Novelties

There are many unique items available for the tattoo art enthusiast. From lighters to furniture, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a gift for your favorite tattoo aficionado, you may wish to get her a bottle of Tattoo Wine with a custom tattoo label and a box of custom painted Sailor Jerry chocolate truffles.

Tattoo Artwork
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Tattoo Art