Tattoo Drawings of Crosses

Crosses in Many Styles

This gallery of cross tattoo drawings just might provide you with inspiration for your next tattoo.

There are different styles of crosses, so you can select a design that complements your personal style along with whatever signifigance your cross holds for you. Choose a fairly simple design, or get as ornate as you want. A cross makes a wonderful anchor for a larger tattoo design.

The cross pictured here definitely has a feminine feeling with the additional rose vine embellishments.

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This cross with flames evokes powerful imagery. The flames also carry a hint of tribal design, and they can be used to signify purification.

Tribal Cross

This elaborate cross is done in tribal style, yet it also has a hint of a Celtic feel to it.

Scrollwork Cross

This delicate scrollwork cross is another feminine design. It would look great as a small tattoo, but it would also work well as a larger back piece.

Gothic Cross and Skull Tattoo

This Gothic cross complete with the grim reaper would also make a great biker tattoo.

Byzantine Cross

The basic Byzantine cross is fairly simple, but adding additional design elements really makes the entire design more eye-catching.

Butterfly Cross

This clever butterfly cross design makes a powerful statement about a belief in resurrection.

Blade and Cross Tattoo

This combination blade and cross design would make an awesome tattoo.

Hopefully, these tattoo drawings of crosses have provided you with ideas for your own original tattoos.

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Tattoo Drawings of Crosses