Tattoo Drawings of Crosses

Playing With Crosses

Select a cross tattoo design that complements your personal style along with whatever significance your cross holds for you. Choose a fairly simple design, or get as ornate as you want. A cross makes a wonderful anchor for a larger tattoo design as well. This gallery of cross tattoo drawings just might provide you with inspiration for your next tat.

Covered in Vines

Give your cross an organic feel by adding vines and roses. The way that these organic elements climb up the cross can make your tat feel natural and sure. Not only that, you can customize the cross by adding embellishments to the cross itself. This design will have a natural, religious feel and fit just about anywhere. To add significance, you might choose to have this going over your heart or the vines climbing up your shoulder blade.

Tribal Flame Design

This cross with flames evokes powerful imagery. The flames also carry a hint of tribal design, and they can be used to signify purification. While red adds a bold statement, you might choose to modify the tribal design by adding a cooling blue or an earthy green. To give the tribal aspect more of a flame element, you might want to work oranges and yellows into the red tribal. Give this design a try on your thigh, lower stomach, back or bicep.

Tribal Cross

The design on your cross doesn't need to be simple. By using bold tribal lines to create your cross, not only can you create a unique 3D effect, but you also have a fun cross design. This elaborate cross design also has a hint of a Celtic feel to it. While you might try this design small, over time, lines will fade making the elaborate line work hard to discern. Therefore, for this cross design, bigger is definitely better.

Scrollwork Cross

Are you a lover of twirly, scrolling line work? Your cross design doesn't have to be bold. Use beautiful calligraphy lines to make a cross with a delicate and feminine appeal. It would look great as a small tattoo, but it would also work well as a larger back piece. Don't just stick to black line work either, change it up by adding some bold or soft colors like pinks, blues and greens.

Gothic Cross and Skull Tattoo

While some crosses symbolize life and faith, others take on a darker appeal. This Gothic cross complete with the grim reaper makes you not only think of death, but maybe a little mayhem and destruction too. Complete with the double sickles and skull center, this design is a bit nightmarish. Incorporating the filigree gives the design an almost ornate appeal as well. Further customize your versatile piece by adding color.

Byzantine Cross

Used to symbolize the "Glory of God" and faith, this simple design is made more appealing by adding ornate design elements that encircle it. The Byzantine crosses are fairly simple but hold a lot of meaning behind them. Even with the decorative elements, this design can fit just about anywhere like the back of the neck, wrist or ankle. It can work as a great element to add to another religious tattoo design as well.

Butterfly Cross

Welcome to the world of the fairy folk and fantasy. The wispy, whimsical aura of this cross is great as a standalone design or as part of a larger fantasy piece. While the beautiful curling wings work great in black and gray, adding color can really make this cross design pop. You can also choose to extend the swirling ribbons and make this wrap around your skin as well. For example, you might have this dance up your arm or twirl around your ankle.

Blade and Cross Tattoo

This combination blade and cross design would make an awesome tattoo. This can work great for those that are creating a gothic or Medieval theme to their tats. The decorative elements can be customized to include ornate Medieval carvings or unique designs to the sword. Add a pop of color by possibly adding a jewel to the center of the cross. Given the look and line work required, this design can fit anywhere like behind your ear or even on your wrist. You can also make this design large and take up the center of your chest or back. The possibilities are endless, so make sure to have fun with it.

Jesus Saves

You don't want there to be any question about the message that you are trying to convey with your cross design. In that case, you might choose to add wording to your cross like "Jesus" or "Jesus Saves." This not only gives your design a unique feel, but it flashes your message to everyone that sees it. If you are trying to spread your gospel, you might choose to add this design to a very visible area like your forearm or bicep. However, if this is personal to you, you might have your Jesus tat on your chest, shoulder or calf.

Fly Away Home

Memorial tattoos are a great way to recognize a loved one that has gone beyond your reach. Using a cross with wings is prefect for a memory tattoo. Not only does the cross represent faith and love, but the wings represent the angel that your loved one has become. Take this tattoo even further by adding a name or date for your loved one. Don't just stick to black and white ink either, work in a loved one's favorite color to fully customize it. Adding this tattoo right over your heart can add to the meaning.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross goes back to the middle ages and holds a great deal of symbolism. Not only can the ring demonstrate Jesus' halo or the sun, but the cross itself demonstrates the life, sacrifice and death of Christ. The braids that decorate the inside of the cross can get very elaborate and varied depending on your own personal preferences. Not only are these designs great for men and women, adding colors can make the design truly your own creation.

Unique Tree Design

Not all crosses are created equal. So, design one that fits your personality. This earthy tree cross can not only designate your faith or love of crosses, it can also show your connection with nature. The design is fun because the branches of the tree, leaves and trunk can be done as simply or intricately as you choose. You might go for a design that looks like a living inked tree or an outline of a tree.

Heraldry Ornate Cross Design

Rising in popularity during the time of the Cruscades and knights, you can see these crosses decorating shields and blazing on flags. Heraldic crosses can work great as part of a crest, emblem or just on their own. Not only can this work as a small cross along your wrist, you can create a full color cross that runs the entire length of your back. The design of the cross and customizability make it a perfect design for women looking for something unique or a guy looking to create a full back theme.

Religious Tats

Cross designs can run the gambit. Not only can they be a shining beacon of your commitment to Christ, they can become a morbid symbol of death by adding skulls and sickles. No matter what your looking for, from fantasy crosses to Christian tattoos of crosses, perusing drawings of crosses can provide you with inspiration to get your ink.

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Tattoo Drawings of Crosses