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Tattoo Johnny claims to be the largest archive of tattoo designs on the Internet, where visitors can see tattoo art by artists from around the world. It's a convenient site that helps people find ways to try out tattoos before they take the plunge to a permanent tattoo. The site also offers flash sets for sale to studios, as well as tattoo aftercare products. Visit Tattoo Johnny before you make the leap to a permanent tattoo.

About Tattoo Johnny

Tattoo Johnny is a web store focused on selling tattoo designs. Browse through thousands of flash art sets in just about every design genre imaginable, then purchase and download them for your own use. The selection is great, and it's pretty darn convenient too if you have a laser or ink jet printer. Johnny's even explains the symbolism attached to many of the tat designs, so you'll understand just what your choice of body art is conveying about you to everyone else.

Johnny's Philosophy

This site is geared toward supporting the person selecting a tat. They really hammer home the fact that your body art will be permanent, so you should put a lot of time and thought into your selection before you commit to real ink. To that end, they feature pages with lots of useful info and advice about getting your first tattoo and what you should know beforehand in order to have a safe and satisfied outcome to your body art experience.

The philosophy at Johnny's is that if you're armed with a solid stencil design when you walk into the tattoo parlor, you're bound to be much happier with your resulting tattoo. Selecting a design from the privacy of your own home allows you to relax and figure out what you really want. Take your time without feeling pressured to hurry and pick out something at the shop so your artist can get on with it. You won't be influenced by well-meaning friends or your artist's own ideas, so chances are your choice will be right for you, not everyone else.

Tattoo Flash

Tattoo flash of a heart

Tattoo flashes are examples of an artist's designs and they can help you choose the perfect tat. Use the basic design or have your tattoo professional embellish it so you wind up with a great tat like no one else's.The downloadable tattoos at Tattoo Johnny come in two parts:

  • The full design comes complete with color to really bring it to life.
  • The matching stencil is the actual line drawing of your design that your tattoo professional needs to accurately recreate your tattoo.

The Verdict

All things considered, Tattoo Johnny is a great place to do some serious research before you ever walk into a tattoo parlor. After all, your tattoo is meant to be permanent, so better to do all you can now to avoid the agony of having it removed later.

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