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Tattoo magazines are a source of inspiration for tattoo artists, a place for tattoo shop owners to learn about new technology and equipment in their field and a way for tattoo fans to see and appreciate some of the most breathtaking body art the world of tattooing has to offer.

Tattoo Magazine

Tattoo Magazine is perhaps the best known publication devoted to tattoo fans and tattoo artists in existence today. In its pages, find stunning photography of exquisite and intricate tattoos, articles about the latest tattooing equipment and profiles on some of the most influential tattoo artists in the business. Specializing in bringing the world of tattoos to its subscribers' mailboxes each month, Tattoo Magazine doesn't focus on any one tattoo style. Instead, it offers information and pictorial reviews of every conceivable ink style in practice today. It is the world's best selling tattoo magazine and a flip through its pages will tell you why in an instant. Of all the publications out there, none is as well-rounded or full of tattoo information as Tattoo Magazine.


Easyriders is better known as a biker magazine than a publication devoted to tattoos, but since tattoos are such an integral part of the biker lifestyle, the mag features a good deal of tattoo coverage in each issue. Because each issue also features pictures of young girls in various stages of undress posed on some of the best looking motorcycles out there, it is also very popular as a men's magazine. Tattoo guns, inks, needles, flash and other supplies are often advertised in Easyriders. A must-have for fans of motorcycles, it is also a good source of information of interest to tattoo aficionados.

Skin & Ink

Skin & Ink is a tattoo magazine through and through. One site described it as the "perfect blend of eye candy and meaty material." Skin & Ink offers dazzling color photos of the best body art in the world and articles that relate to the significance of tattooing and body art in modern society and that of years past.

Other Titles

Of course, there are many other tattoo magazines published each month as well as a good number of other publications which may be of interest to tattoo fans. The application of body art has made its way from the fringes of society into nearly every aspect of it, and any periodical devoted to some segment of popular culture (i.e. hip-hop, Goth, punk, and even certain religions) is bound to feature some information about tattoos and tattooing. You won't find a lot about it in Reader's Digest or The National Review, but you won't have to look too far to find a magazine that has something to do with tattoos.

Adults Only

Many tattoo magazines feature nude photography of tattooed models. While a mag like Easyriders certainly has its goals of titillation (the magazine even features a "My Old Lady" section in which biker guys send in naked pictures of their girlfriends), most use nudity artistically and only as a means of showing off the tattoos. Still, if you do not want your children to see images of nude men and women, however tastefully done, stash the tat mags out of your kids' reach.

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