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Sisters with a tattoo

A tattoo symbol for sister is a great way to pay tribute to your next of kin or a union of friends in which you share a unique "sisterhood". Whether you plan on getting inked with your sister, to show you share a special bond, or as a memorial, there are numerous designs and ideas available for you to choose from.

Tattoo Symbol for Sister Ideas

Depending on the recipient, there are many ideas for a tattoo symbol for sister. The tattoo design can be shared by all of the sisters or worn only by the honoring kin. The following ideas can be incorporated into a special and unique tattoo honoring sisters.

Tribal Tattoo

A tribal tattoo is a unique way to celebrate kinship. The typical armband depicts no beginning and no end, so it's perfect for representing the unconditional and eternal love between family. Depending on the ethnicity of the recipient, a cultural tattoo may be added to the design, one that either translates to sister or spells a name in the chosen language. A tribal tattoo is a simplistic design that is sure to stay in style while representing a beloved sister in a minimalist fashion.


A heart design is another tattoo symbol that can be used to celebrate a sister. If the sister is blood related, a set of two hearts can be entwined with both names of the kin. Another idea is a half heart; this design is a great idea for two sisters who want to celebrate their love and friendship with matching tattoos. Both recipients can wear a heart design and pay tribute to their other half.

The Phases of the Moon

The Greek symbol for a sister shows the moon, which goes through its many phases. Show the changing nature of your relationship with your sister by depicting a tattoo that shows the moon waxing, waning and full. If there are many sisters in your family, each woman can get a tattoo that symbolizes her role in the family so that when all the sisters are present, each phase is accounted for.


If you and your sister love each other dearly, but are not cut from the same cloth, consider a tattoo that takes into account the opposite nature of your relationship. This can include ying and yang symbols, or both of you each getting a tattoo that represents the other, such as the moon and the sun. Another idea to reflect this concept might be to get the same tattoo, but done in complementary colors, such as purple on one sister and orange on the other.

Name Tattoos

A name tattoo, as ordinary as it may be, is a great idea for a sister tattoo. Consider the many ideas for a name tattoo, and find a way to incorporate a meaningful design into your sister's name. Although name tats are popular, you can incorporate other elements, such as a small flower that is the sister's favorite below the name, getting the tat in the sister's favorite color, or using a special script that evokes her perrsonality.

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Other Ideas

One way to find a tattoo that symbolizes your relationship with your sister is to take a look at your relationship together. Is there a common thread, passion or interest you all hold together from which a symbol can be derived, such as a musical note, passage from a book or lyric from a song? Often sisters have a shared past that is rich with symbolism to choose from. If, however, all you hold in common is your birth, there are still plenty of other ways of honoring one another, including:

  • An astrological symbol with your sister's name in the center
  • Two adjoining banner designs with names of both kin separated by a heart
  • A family tree celebrating family members including your sister
  • A butterfly that depicts how your love has grown and flourished over the years
  • A star, signifying how a sister is always a bright light in your life
  • A birth month symbol or colors depicting your sister's birthstone
  • A portrait of your sister
  • A vine design with symbols for family and love
  • A Celtic knot made of two different strands to show your intertwined relationship

Memorial Tattoos

On a more solemn note, a tattoo symbol paying tribute to a sister is often chosen by someone who has suffered the loss of a beloved kin. Naturally, this in loving memory design idea should be truly individual, and should best represent the recipient's fondness and undying love for a lost sibling. Many memorial tattoos include birth dates and death dates, but some people choose to make the tattoo a living memory. So go ahead and tattoo something that reminds you of your sister if you so desire. Whether it be a favorite flower, a favorite animal or a cultural tattoo, finding a meaningful design that speaks of your love will serve as a constant reminder that your union to this sister will be forever, and that the shared love and memories will be with you always.

Cultural Symbols

If you want a symbol that proclaims your sisterhood to the world without a lot of fuss or identifying characteristics, consider getting a symbol for sister in another language. The Chinese symbol for sister makes a great black work tattoo and can be easily modified. By adding just a second character, you can create:

  • Older sister
  • Younger sister
  • Beloved sister
  • Strong sister

Or any other combination that showcases your personal relationship.

Another way to create a sister tattoo is to use either the traditional or honorific spellings in the Tibetan language. Tibetans call everyone, even strangers, by honorifics which make the one addressed a part of the family. Therefore, there are two symbols for sister that can be easily turned into a tattoo, either of an actual sister or a figurative one.

Get Creative

Like any tattoo design, a sister tattoo should be well thought out and should include something that will serve as a memory of a person or a union. If you're thinking about a sister tattoo, why not include your sister and get ideas on which type of tattoo would best represent you both? Matching tattoos are a great way to share your love and undying bond with one another. Booking an appointment at a tattoo establishment and going together will be a great memory you'll have forever. What better way to celebrate a forever love than a sister tattoo? Unlike lovers or friends that may come and go, a sister is a forever friend.

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