Tattooed Toes

Tattooed feet and toes
Foot tattoos have pros and cons.

While tattoos are becoming more mainstream across cultures, tattooed toes can still offer a hint of mystery and erotica to the ink industry.

Placement of Tattoos

Where you place your tattoo is nearly as important as the image you select. Curvature of muscle, ligament and bone can have a profound effect on the outcome of a tattoo. Strategically placed tattoos can also call attention to themselves or be discreet and easily covered, if desired.

As placement of tattoos grow to encompass hands, wrists and feet ,tattooed toes seem the next logical step in progression.

Reasons for Tattooing Toes

Tattooed toes may seem like an interesting choice of placement. Toes are small, cylindrical in shape and not a lot of detail is going to make their way onto them. For these reasons and more, toes are often the perfect canvas for many types of tattoos.


Like the idea of getting a tattoo, but know it won't fit in with your corporate attire? Consider tattooed toes. A closed toe shoe is still required in most work places, making it easy to cover while at the office. Show it off at night with a pair of sexy sandals and pedicured nails.


Toe rings and polished toe nails have taken feet from a body part no one mentions, to one that is celebrated and adored. Tattoo on a permanent toe ring or image as a way to further claim your foot's beauty.


Feet are a highly sensitive area, capable of feeling even the most delicate touch. Add an image to a toe as a way to inspire their worship.


It isn't uncommon in many cultures to henna the feet and toes before weddings and other life changing events. Capture this look permanently in a tattoo that encompasses both the feet and toes together.

Caring for Newly Tattooed Toes

Caring for your new tattoo is always a top priority, and a new tattoo located on a toe can add a few additional worries.

  1. If possible wear open toes shoes or go barefoot as much as possible while the new tattoo heals. Avoid tight fitting shoes that could rub on a fresh tat and fade or scab the ink.
  2. Keep your feet dry. Socks and shoes tend to grow moist as the day progresses, which can fade a tattoo over time. Not to mention the fact that a fresh tattoo is an open wound and a moist shoe is the perfect breeding ground for fungus or bacteria.
  3. Keep your feet healthy. Your feet should be in great shape before you consider getting a tattoo on a toe. Athlete's foot, cracked or dry skin, calluses and other foot problems can interfere with the artists work. Not to mention these things can ruin a new tat before it has a chance to heal.

Shoe off Your Toes

Show off a new toe tattoo to its best advantage by keeping your feet in great condition. Get regular pedicures and find some wicked sandals to set them off. While one of the benefits of a toe tattoo is the ability to cover it over, tattoos were meant to be seen and enjoyed. Go ahead and flaunt it!

While tattooed toes may require more care during the healing process than other tattoo placements, their results can really be worth it. Whether your tat extends down the foot and into the toes, or just wraps one toe like a ring, a toe tattoo can set you apart from the crowd with a subtle, delicate look. Consider this unique area for your next tattoo and celebrate yourself head to toe!

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Tattooed Toes