Tattoos of the Statue of Liberty

Liberty backed by the flag makes a great tattoo.

Are you interested in learning more about tattoos of the statue of liberty? A common symbol of the freedom that the United States represents, the statue of liberty stands as a solid tattoo design. It looks good on its own, but it can also be combined with other famous symbolism to create a great patriotic tattoo.

What Do Tattoos of the Statue of Liberty Stand For?

A common question when someone sees a tattoo on a friend is to ask what the tattoo means. You show your latest piece of ink to a friend and he responds by saying "Cool, what does it mean?" Here is some information on the meaning of the statue of liberty so you will be prepared to answer that question if you get this tattoo.

  • The statue of liberty is primarily a standard of freedom. If you get the tattoo, you can tell your friends that it is symbolic of some major life event that you have had that you "freed" yourself from.
  • This statue is also a symbol of the United States. If you get the tattoo, you could say that it is a symbol of the love and the passion you have for the USA. You could even say that the piece is a symbol of your passion for New York City, more particularly.
  • As a symbol of immigration, the tattoo could be symbolic and metaphoric for anyone who is from an immigrant family. It can also mean a great deal to anyone who came to the United States in search of something better.
  • The statue also stands as a historical sign of friendship between two nations. You could always say that your tattoo is a symbol of friendships.
  • Of course, you might just like your tattoo and think it's not symbolic of anything! Instead, it is just a design that you like!

Design Ideas

Illustrated Liberty

A few great ideas for a tattoo that features the statue of liberty are as follows:

  • Are you a nautical lover? Consider a piece with the harbor of New York. The statue of liberty can be the center piece surrounded by sea and boats. Perhaps a large back or chest piece can even feature buildings.
  • The design would make a great single standing piece. You could interpret the tattoo in a more comical way (think cartoons) or you can keep it as realistic as possible. The choice is all yours.
  • The statue of liberty would go nicely surrounded by other similar images such as Greek statues.
  • You could also adorn the statue with other elements of your liking such as vines or flowers.
  • Lady Liberty also looks good set against various other patriotic backdrops. Imagine her against the flag, the liberty bell or even a recognizable portion of the Constitution.

Design Placement Ideas

Do you have a great design idea in mind, but don't know where on your body you should put it? Consider some of the following placement ideas:

Full statue view
  • When using the full view, a tattoo of the statue of liberty would go great on any of your limbs. The piece could go nicely on the inside of your arm or on your biceps. It could also look great on your calves or other parts of the leg.
  • Similarly, the tattoo would work great on the thighs.
  • The length of the tattoo makes the piece a great tattoo to run up the side of your torso. If you would like to add some character elements to the design, you can have it twist around your body instead of rising straight up.
  • A smaller version of the statue of liberty would work nicely on the neck.
  • If you use a smaller version that just focuses on the head and crown, you have a lot more flexibility on placement.


If you are interested in tattoos that feature the statue of liberty, keep in mind that the piece is a regal and symbolic symbol to many. Whatever you decide to do with the piece, remember to keep it tasteful and true to you. As a result, you'll have a tattoo that you can love and cherish for years to come!

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Tattoos of the Statue of Liberty