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Search Tinkerbell tattoo galleries for inspiration and ideas before you get your next tattoo.

All About Tinkerbell


Tinkerbell is a cute, fictional pixie from the well-known and loved story of Peter Pan. She is Peter Pan's fairy companion who sprinkles fairy dust from her magical wand. She also has a darker side that gets jealous and is quite mischievous. She definitely has two different personalities.

Why is Tinkerbell so popular? The allure of fairies is due to their human-like appearance mixed with magical qualities and powers. Fairies symbolize youth and are seen as timeless and heavenly. Tinkerbell represents the child inside all of us. She encompasses childhood happiness and the thinking of happy thoughts.

Sources of Tinkerbell Tattoo Galleries

Due to the fascination with fairies and specifically Tinkerbell, many women are getting tattoos of fairies. Cartoon characters are among the most popular tattoo designs. Images of fairies are popular tattoos for women. A woman can show her inner personality by proudly wearing a fairy tattoo on her body. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, a fairy tattoo will remind you of childhood and bring you happiness when you look at it.

Search the following Tinkerbell tattoo galleries for your favorite image of Tinkerbell to use as a design. You may also be able to find images in books as well and often your local artist will be able to duplicate the image to use for your tattoo.

  • At TattooJoy.com there are a few Tinkerbell tattoo pictures to look at in their gallery of fairy themed designs.
  • Check out TattooEasily's Tinkerbell tattoo gallery. There are about 20 images of Tinkerbell to browse through that are different sizes and on various body locations.favor
  • Slodive offers a gallery of about 25 tattoo images of everyone's favorite fairy.
  • Tink Fanatic is a website solely devoted to everything Tinkerbell. They have a gallery of Tinkerbell tattoos that are organized by body location.

Keep in mind that many tattoo galleries are free to browse that many require a fee to print out their images. Many images are also copyrighted. Be aware of the different policies on each site.

Body Placement for Tinkerbell Tattoos

Once you decide on a specific image of Tinkerbell to use, your next step is deciding on where you want it placed on your body. Tinkerbell or other fairy tattoos can be anywhere you choose. Keep in mind the size you want and if it will work on that part of your body. Placement is a matter of personal preference. Many want to get their tattoo in an area that is not visible unless they want it to be while others choose an area that is highly visible so they can show off their tattoo. Some popular areas to have a Tinkerbell tattoo are:

  • Arm
  • Hand
  • Lower back
  • Ankle
  • Foot
  • Shoulder
  • Hip

Other Designs

In addition to Tinkerbell, other fairy tattoos are also popular. Some may also want additional elements included in their design. Stars, moons, glitter and flowers are common elements for a fairy tattoo. Maybe you want to add a fairy or Tinkerbell to an existing tattoo? Embrace your inner child and get a Tinkerbell tattoo to remind you of childhood happiness and fun!

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