Tribal Hummingbird Tattoo

Hummingbird tat

A tribal hummingbird tattoo is a way to add a special touch to a popular tattoo style. Tribal designs are in vogue, and even seen on celebrities like Ani DeFranco, Ashley Dupre and Amanda Detmer. The addition of the beautiful, and somewhat mysterious hummingbird adds more depth to the tattoo's design.

Tribal Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

Like most tattoos, there are countless variations on hummingbird designs. Tattoo artists will likely have one or more pre-made designs in their catalogs. These designs might be an armband of solid black hummingbirds linked together, or a single hummingbird perched in the middle of two strands of tribal bands.

You can also design your own tribal hummingbird tattoo which gives you unlimited style options. You could have a branch of tribal flowers stretching up your calf with a hummingbird perched on top, or a tiny hummingbird with outstretched wings across the inside of your wrist. Designing your own tattoo also provides more color options. Most tribal tattoos are black and white, but a hummingbird is a colorful animal. You can add any color you wish to the tattoo when you design your own.

Tattoo Placement

A hummingbird can be worn alone or worked into a larger piece, and there really are no bad spots to place a tribal hummingbird tattoo. However, some of the more popular placements include;

  • Armband- An armband worn across the bicep on either arm
  • Anklet- A delicate anklet is an ideal place for smaller hummingbird artwork
  • Upper back- A single hummingbird placed in the middle of the back, or worked into a large piece that stretches across the entire upper back
  • Lower back- The lower back area can accommodate small or medium sized tattoo designs and a hummingbird positioned in the middle of a tribal band looks great
  • Wrist- A small hummingbird looks good placed on the inside or outside of the wrist

About the Hummingbird

The hummingbird is a small bird that lives off nectar of flowers. They are most known for their rapid wing beat. The tiniest hummingbird will beat its wings 100 times per second. Hummingbirds are found across Canada, the United States and Central America. They are beautiful, colorful birds. Each variety of hummingbird has its own unique colors and patterns. The Green Violet-Ear hummingbird has an emerald green body, while the Costa's hummingbird is a dark blue. Most hummingbirds live up to ten years.

Hummingbird Mythology

Several cultures considered hummingbirds mysterious or enchanting, and they found their way into many legends throughout history.

Central America

People in Central America believed the bird had supernatural powers and could keep water from the people.

Native America

The hummingbird is seen in Native American stories from time to time. The bird is usually a traveler, searching for something, all though he rarely finds it.


Some Jamaicans believe the hummingbird is actually a guardian angel or protector and to see one is a sign of good luck. They are often called "doctor birds" in Jamaica.

Deciding on a hummingbird tattoo

If you love the vibrant colors and beauty found in nature, the hummingbird may be the perfect choice for your tattoo. Pairing the delicate hummingbird with the bold designs of tribal body art, gives your tattoo a mix of feminine and clean modern design.

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Tribal Hummingbird Tattoo