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Do you need some unique inspiration for urban design tattoos?

Whether you're a college hipster in need of a modern design tattoo or just a regular urbanite seeking a timeless and unique piece of art, the following urban designs are sure to inspire!

Ideas for Urban Design Tattoos

If you're an inner city dweller, you already know you're cut from a different cloth! Urbanites are lovers of both culture and scene. Those living the fast-paced city lifestyle tend to be trendsetters rather than trend seekers, and their tattoo designs should be equally reflective of this original and unique frame of mind.

Rather than opt for a traditional or classic tattoo, why not show the world you are creative and unique, and express yourself with any one of these ideas for fashion forward urban design tattoos?

Birds of a Feather

Birds tend to be a staple in urban fashion and trends. With their simplistic and free-spirited approach to life, birds are symbolic of those who are foot loose and fancy free! Bird wings are a unique alternative to angel wings, and they can be inked in various sizes making them perfect for ankle, back or chest piece tattoos. If you've met your city soul mate and want to celebrate with a couple's tattoo, a pair of lovebirds is another unique choice. If you love feathers, consider a bird as a unique alternative to the ever-popular butterfly tattoo. Another feathered friend to embrace? The colorful peacock! Go ahead and set the trend!


White Ink Tattoos

Not quite a full blown trend, white ink tattoos are quickly making their way into popularity. A white ink tattoo can either be outlined in white rather than black and colored in traditionally, or created in all white ink with no other color, mimicking the look of a ghostly scar. White ink is a subtle alternative to black tattoos, branding them less obtrusive and more unique. White ink tattoos have already been embraced by trend-setting celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, and they have no end in sight. There's a lot to consider before opting for an all white design, so play it safe and work with a talented tattooist if you choose to go this alternative route!

Ghetto Tattoos

Not all urbanites want modern and artsy; some just want to share their city's flavor with a ghetto fabulous tattoo! Whether you go full blown ghetto style with dollar signs and fists or opt for a girly tattoo with a blinged out cursive font, ghetto styles are amongst the most traditional of urban tattoo designs.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have been around long enough to be considered classic. With variety to boot, tribal tattoos offer a little something for everyone. If you want to play it safe while sticking with an urban theme, a simple black armband is a timeless choice. For those seeking a more artful or cultured approach to the traditional black ink design, consider incorporating another shape or design element in the piece. While tribal designs are traditionally known for being all black, adding color to the shape will enhance the individuality of your design.


Pin-Up Girl Tattoos

Another urban favorite tattoo design is pinup girl tattoos. These racy and sexy tattoo styles look great on both men and women, and they embrace the vintage loving rockabilly trend that appeals to many urbanites. Pinup styles look great when placed on the shoulder or upper arm, and these designs are a great way to show off a multitude of colors. If you love fashion, dress your pinup gal to reflect your taste, and let her be your creative muse!

Get Creative

There are no hard set rules when choosing an urban tattoo design. Whether you find inspiration sipping latte on a busy street or while bargain-hunting at your favorite vintage store, use your creativity and cultural influences to pick a design that reflects the times and your unique and artful perspective!

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