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In the world of body art, dark and gothic pop culture themes like vampires, the undead and vampire bite tattoos are sweeping across the globe. Tattoo flash artists and designers are rushing to supply the increasing demand for vampire-themed body art.

Who Gets Vampire Bite Tattoos?

Admittedly, it's an acquired taste for many, but it seems the masses are as hungry to spill their blood for love of vampires as the ravenous undead are to drink from them. As far as the types of people who crave the artificial bite of a vampire, they represent a surprisingly diverse cross-section of the world's population. Obviously, goth and scene people are strong contenders to dominate the collecting of loving yet firm kisses from night stalkers, but pop culture-loving soccer moms and fan-boy account executives are just as likely in this bold new world.

Blaming the Entertainment Industry

The real reasons for vamp art are endless and personal in many cases , but take a gander at a few popular feature films and television programs of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Most likely, the tenacious longevity of vampire-themed entertainment plays a large part in the popularity of vampire tattoos.

Vampire Films
The Lost Boys 1987: Near Dark 1992: Bram Stoker's Dracula
1994: Interview with a Vampire 1996: From Dusk till Dawn 1990s: Blade Trilogy
1990: Underworld Trilogy 2008: Let the Right One In 2008: Twilight
Vampire TV Programs
1961: Dark Shadows 1974: Kolchak the Night Stalker 1997: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1999: Angel the Series 2008: True Blood 2009: The Vampire Diaries

Aside from this deluge of vampirism flooding large and small screens around the globe, who doesn't secretly long to suffer a sensuous kiss and become a creature of the night? The simple, seductive symbolism of passion, sexuality and immortality also contribute to the surge in vampire tattoos.

Get Bitten!

Okay, you're finally ready to admit your intense yearning for a few vampire bite tattoos of your own, but you're not sure how to go about acquiring a design. Cheer up vampire-lover, because even though the lack of bite tattoo flash and artwork is disheartening, a well-lit path lies hidden ain the mist. A little creative thinking will have you conquered and marked in no time.

Finding Designs

Before you search anywhere else, hook up with your tattoo artist and ask about any resources he may have stashed in his coffers. With the growing popularity of vampire tattoos in general, there's a good chance he either already has a design you'll like, or he can whip one up for you in a flash. If that doesn't work out, you might find inspiration by checking out some tattoo images at the links below.

  • Tattoos and Art: Here, you'll see dozens of vampire tattoos and two that focus solely on bite marks.
  • Check Out my Ink: If you're looking for realistic bites, these three tattoos might interest you. Even the dripping blood looks real!
  • Rate my Ink: Vampire lovers know that bloodsuckers sometimes like to feed from the wrist as well as the neck.

Temporary Designs

If you haven't found inspiration for your tattoo yet, consider checking out some temporary tattoos like the ones below. You can discover great ideas from temporary body art, or you can try a few designs on for size before making a lifelong commitment.

Avoid Tattoo Remorse

While you may love your tattoos now, some people regret their wild and youthful decisions later. To avoid feeling this way, take a good look at yourself and your lifestyle. If your passion for vampire bite tattoos is new, give yourself time to make sure it's not a passing fancy before you sit down for an ink session. It also helps to rethink your chosen location. Vampire bites are perfect on the neck but potential employers and your grandmother may strongly disagree. If this is a concern for you, remember that bite designs look great on the wrist, chest, back or inner thigh as well.

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