Where Is the Tattoo Shop LA Ink Located

Kat Von D of <em>LA Ink</em>

"Where is the tattoo shop LA Ink located?" If you've been having a little difficulty finding an answer to that question, it may be due to the fact that LA Ink is not the name of the shop you're looking for.

About LA Ink

If you've watched Miami Ink from the beginning, you're familiar with the tempestuous Kat Von D. Kat is a tattoo artist of the highest caliber who specializes in tattoo portraits, but she found it very hard to deal with former shop bosses Chris Nunez and Ami James. Deciding she'd be better off striking out on her own, Kat set about opening her own shop in her native California. Being such an electric character, TLC made the wise decision to follow Kat with her own show, hence the creation of LA Ink. Needless to say, the show was a hit, just like its predecessor, and this has led to a legion of people seeking out the location of Kat's shop in order to book appointments for tattoos.

So, Where Is the Tattoo Shop LA Ink Located?

High Voltage Tattoo is the actual name of the tattoo shop featured on TLC's LA Ink, the spinoff of the popular reality TV show Miami Ink Tattoos.

High Voltage's address is:

1259 North La Brea Avenue (Between Fountain and Lexington Avenues)
West Hollywood, CA 90038-1023

If you need further assistance locating the shop, visit MapQuest.com for driving directions and to view a surrounding street grid.

About the Shop

Hours of Operation

If you're planning to visit High Volatge Tattoos, don't head out first thing after your morning cup of coffee because no one will be there to greet you. Kat Von D and crew really do embrace the rock-n-roll lifestyle, so the shop doesn't open until noon and it closes at midnight.


Walk in customers are highly encouraged at High Voltage Tattoos. You can stop in to discuss design ideas for your next tattoo, soak up the atmosphere and see some of the artists' fabulous work before getting inked.

If you prefer to call the shop ahead of time, you can currently reach them at (323) 969-9820.

You can also schedule an appointment via the shop's website. This may be a surer way to get the exact artist you want. However, the website makes one thing very clear; booking an appointment does not mean you're going to wind up as one of the stories featured on the LA Ink reality show.

One more thing; Kat is always booked, and there's a long waiting list. If you want her to be your artist, be prepared for a long wait, but one that will certainly be worth it.

Visit High Voltage Tattoos Online

So now you know where the tattoo shop on LA Ink is located. If you do get inked or pierced there, leave a message in the comments box below to let everyone know about your experience.

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Where Is the Tattoo Shop LA Ink Located