Tattoos of Children's Names

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Inking the name of your children is a popular tattoo idea. It's a unique way to demonstrate the special love you as a parent hold for your child, permanently. However, give the matter much thought and consideration. Doing a bit of research before any tattoo is a good idea. This is especially true when it comes to immortalizing the most important people in your life.

Why Children?

Tattoos of children's names are one of the most popular name tattoos out there. There are several reasons for this:

  • Children carry your DNA and thus, have a part of you in them in a very meaningful way.
  • For a woman, a child has once been a part of her body, creating a special bond that exists with no other person.
  • Unlike even the most committed partner, a child will always be your child no matter what happens; there's no need to remove the child's name from your body.

These are all powerful reasons to get your child's name tattooed on your body. While friends and partners may move in and out of your life, even after your child goes to college on the other side of the country, she will always be your daughter and you will always love her just as much.

Design Ideas

You may be satisfied merely getting the name of your child on your body in a beautiful script. However, many people get more elaborate designs to showcase their deep and intense love for their children. Some popular designs for tattoos featuring your child or children's name include:

  • Tattoo a picture of a fetus at a specific stage of development with the name or names around it on your belly. This is a reminder for a woman of where her children came from and what she experienced while carrying them to term.
  • Wrap the names of children around a cross for a religious tattoo.
  • Use a scroll to display a number of names, as well as text indicating when and where the child was born.
  • Embellish a family crest with the names of children either inside the crest itself or underneath.
  • Flowers of different types and colors can represent your love for your children when accompanied by the child's name.
  • Portrait tattoos are often hard to execute effectively, but when done correctly can be absolutely stunning. Immortalize both what your child looked like at a very young age as well as her name on your body with a portrait tattoo.
  • Hearts are synonymous with love. Get a heart with your child's name for a charming inversion of the classic "Mom" tattoo. Group hearts together and add new ones as new little ones come into your life.
  • If you have a special nickname for your child like "peanut" or "pumpkin", consider getting your child's name tattooed on or around such an object.


While some tattoos can only go in a single place, such as the natal tattoo on the belly of a woman, other tattoos can be placed anywhere you feel comfortable. Popular locations for tattoos bearing the names of children include the arms, feet, legs and back. The main thing to consider when placing the tattoo is how visible you want it to be. For high visibility, pick somewhere on the arm beneath the elbow. For lower visibility, choose somewhere often concealed, such as the torso or upper legs.

Your Love in Ink

A tattoo of your child's name isn't just for you; it's a gift to a child that has no other equal. While there certainly may be "better" things to get for your child (a college education or a new car) a tattoo of your little one's name speaks of love in a way words cannot. As with any tattoo, make sure you adequately research your tattoo artist to ensure you get quality workmanship.

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Tattoos of Children's Names