Top 5 Tattoo Considerations

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Before you opt for a permanent piece of body art, the following top 5 tattoo considerations will ensure you choose the right placement and style. Regardless of trends and current styles, you should always consider the following points.

Top 5 Tattoo Considerations

Once you've found an artist or local tattoo art studio, you can begin to assess the following considerations before booking your tattoo appointment.


Placement is key when deciding what type and style of tattoo you'll choose. Don't take a large piece and place it on the body in an area that lacks visibility or that warrants a more delicate tattoo style. If you've got your heart set on a certain design, try working the design into a smaller tattoo, if need be, to make it fit the body area better. Your artist should help you decide the best tattoo for your placement choice, but it helps if you've already made a few considerations on your end. In addition to size, you may want to consider whether or not you want your tattoo visible at all times. A fun tattoo today can easily turn into a bad mistake later, so give the overall visibility and size of your tattoo proper assessment before getting inked. Should you decide on a prominent tattoo placement area, bear in mind it may affect you in a social or career circle later.

Maintaining Color

Not everyone opts for a tattoo with the idea that it will need to be maintained later, but that's exactly what will happen should you opt for a colored tattoo. Colors fade over time, especially when exposed to a large amount of sunlight. Ensure you have the time, patience and financial backing to have your color filled back in on an as-need basis. If not, perhaps a tribal or solid black tattoo would make a better fit for your lifestyle. Remember, there is nothing worse than an old, faded and dark tattoo. Either keep your art colorful, or go black.

Names and Dates

Name tattoos are a curse for many. If you decide on tattooing your partner's name on your body, make sure your relationship is stable with no question of permanence. Should you tattoo his name on your body today and you break up tomorrow, you'll be left with a permanent reminder of your former relationship by your tattoo choice. Rather than honor a partner, many people use names and dates pertaining to their children, parents or grandparents. While lacking the romantic aspect, these tattoos are much less likely to bring remorse.

In addition to names in the top 5 tattoo considerations, be sure dates and spelling are both accurate before the tattoo gun gets to work. It's up to you to ensure your artist has an accurate "rough draft" for your tattoo, so be mindful and present when you review your finalized tattoo blueprint.

Make it Meaningful

Some of the best tattoos are not of a certain style, but of significance. Rather than pick the latest tattoo trend, make sure your art reflects an element of you and your personality. Whether you choose a zodiac symbol, a flower or butterfly, your tattoo should be an extended reflection of yourself. Ensure your tattoo is something you will value later in life. This is by far the most important element in your tattoo consideration.

Make a Mindful Decision

While most tattoo shops have regulations prohibiting work on anyone under the influence, that doesn't mean some people don't end up in the chair after a few too many drinks. Before you make a permanent mistake, never ever consider tattoo art when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In addition, if you're mental state is altered or you're under any type of stress, wait to book your tattoo appointment until you can make a more coherent decision.

Tattoos are a beautiful and unique way to express your thoughts, feelings and inner self to the world. Make sure you reflect on all of these points and considerations before you opt for a tattoo piece. With careful consideration and decision making, your tattoo will be a wonderful piece of art you'll be happy you've committed to.

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Top 5 Tattoo Considerations