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Elvish tattoos allow you to display your love of fantasy literature and film as body art. The Elvish language was first invented by J.R.R. Tolkien for his Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, the language has appeared in other works since. These have been wholly original constructions as well as ones based on the original Tolkien language. Wherever your interests in Elvish tattoos lie, carefully plan your tattoo in advance to ensure you get something you'll want to display on your body for the rest of your life.

Drawing Elvish Inspiration From Lord of the Rings

Part of the Lord of the Rings tattoo fame, Elvish tattoos can take on a number of elements and styles, including language and images from the books and movies. A tattoo in the Elvish language can vary not only in which writer's language is used; request the tattooist draw up your tattoo in any number of fonts.

The font you choose for your Elvish tattoo is the most important visual decision you will make for your tattoo. Regardless of what you want your tattoo to say, the font will be the thing that people see, particularly those who do not read the Elvish language.

Tolkien Elvish

The font used in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is widely available on the Internet. One such font is the Tengwar Annatar font, available for free at the Da Fonts website. Another font similar to that used in the Tolkien books is Elvish Ring, available from the same website. You may also prefer the Tengwar Gandalf font.

Latin Fonts

Some fonts use the Latin alphabet. However, these fonts make the alphabet stylized into a fashion that will be right at home on your Elvish tattoo. With such a tattoo, you don't need to speak a word of Elvish. The font itself will show your interest in the world of fantasy. Such fonts include Bilbo Hand, Elven Common Speak and Hobbiton Brush Hand. These fonts are all available free of charge from Da Fonts.


Some fictional Elvish languages use runes rather than Elvish script; you may decide this is the right look for Elvish tattoos. Some runic fonts that could be at home in your ink include moria, Beowulf runic and elder futhark.

Assorted Fonts

There are a variety of fonts that are not "Elvish" per se, but give the impression of Elvishness. Such fantasy fonts include the elder scroll, the alphabet of the maji and fanjofey. The first two are pseudo-runes, while the latter is a highly stylized Latin font.

Go All Out With Your Elvish Tattoo Design

Lord of the Rings and Elvish tattoos can involve elements other than just the language or an evocative script; they can also display a detailed fantasy world using imagery from your favorite book or film about elves. Get a tattoo of elves in their natural environment to complement whatever Elvish script you decide on; other elements from the world of the world of fantasy can flesh this out, such as dwarves, dragons and wizards. A sleeve or a back piece can incorporate all this and more into an epic scene drawn right from the pages of Frank Frazettta or Heavy Metal.

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