Palm Tree Tattoos

Palm Tree Tat

Palm tree tattoos are a popular choice for those seeking a tree tattoo design. As with any tattoo, the meaning behind the design choice can have personal significance, as well as a historical or cultural meaning.

Placement of Palm Tree Tattoos

A single palm tree tattoo makes an interesting tattoo by itself or as an element incorporated into a more complex design. Due to the elongated design, palm trees can be used to tattoo various parts of the body depending on the size of the tattoo. For instance, a small palm fits nicely on the ankle or wrist while a larger rendition can ink an entire leg or be part of a more complex design that covers the back. Other popular placement ideas include the foot, ribcage and arm. They are also a popular choice for women getting a shoulder tattoo.

Palm Tree Symbolism

The palm tree design is unique with its slender trunk. Foliage is different than any other tree and can vary from one type of palm tree to another, which opens the range of variations available. Among palm tattoos, the ancient date palm is also known as the Tree of Life, a tattoo thought to represent immortality and eternity. Along with that line of thinking, palm trees are thought to represent the Garden of Paradise and often represent wisdom and goodness and palm branches or fronds are considered in some beliefs to be a symbol of God.

The singular nature of the palm tree also lends itself to mean a number of things on a personal level. For example, if your tattoo includes one lone tree it can represent a time feeling alone or abandoned. How the tattoo incorporates a palm with other elements will influence the meaning. For instance, add a skull to the lonely palm and it could be taken to symbolize a lonely death. Add cherubs or flowers with a single palm tree and it can represent a sense of goodness and a connection with heaven, in much the same way Solomon used these symbols to decorate the temple walls.

Palm trees don't always represent being alone; they also represent the laid-back lifestyle known as "island life" and are a popular choice for people who live in Florida, California and Hawaii, as well as other tropical locations. In these cases palms are a way to show cultural pride or a link to their home state.

Palm Tree Design Ideas

If you don't have a palm tree design in mind, ask your tattoo artist to show you any number of designs. These tattoos can be applied in vibrant black, warm earth tones, citrus colors or tropical colors easily incorporated with other natural elements such as birds, a sunset, the sea, dolphins, surf boards, the beach and other imagery.

Design ideas:

  • A black tribal palm tree design
  • Palm tree combined with a phoenix to represents resurrection and immortality.
  • Two palms intertwined to represent eternal love.
  • A lion and palm tree symbolizing resurrection and immortality.

Choosing Your Tattoo

A variety of palm tree tattoo designs are available; their natural beauty and symbolic meanings make them a perfect element as a stand alone tattoo or an element to be incorporated into a larger piece. Take one of these designs and make it your own. If you want a unique design with special meaning to you personally, talk with your tattoo artist about your ideas and have them draw up a mock of the design before you get inked. Once the design meets your expectations, you'll be ensured a unique, customized tattoo that's just what you want.

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