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Captivating Galaxy Tattoos

Whether you're an astronomer, astrologist, scientist or just a planetary nerd, galaxy tattoos can be a fascinating, fun, and colorful way to display your passion. These versatile tattoos can fit almost anywhere and display truly out of this world color combinations. The designs for these tattoos are seemingly endless as well. Whether you chose to ink an Orion nebula, planet, or entire galaxy, you can create art as unique as you!

Galaxy Spiral

This interstellar tattoo features bold hues and cosmic colors in the classic galaxy spiral. The vibrant blues, pinks, black and whites of this tattoo make it perfect for both men and women. Given the swirling color, you'll typically want to place this tattoo in a visible area with lots of room to work, like the bicep, upper or lower back, lower abdomen, or legs.

The swirling pattern of this galactic design can be worked into another piece or into a different design, and it can work as a small ankle piece or large upper back piece. While this image shows the galaxy within a circular pattern, it can just as easily work within a star or swirl pattern as well.

Black Hole

Combine your love of tribal with an intricate black hole design to really liven up your body art. This unisex design can be modified to fit your personal style through several different color variations like blues, pinks, purples, and teals.

The grasping reach of the web-like tips really pulls your eyes into the design, making it perfect for wrapping around your forearm, bicep, or leg. This also works as an ideal design around the belly button, creating the visual allusion of a true black hole.

Planet Destruction

Are you looking for an explosion of color in your celestial tattoo? The destruction of a planet tattoo is a perfect choice. This imaginative tattoo with its powerful, explosive color can be merged into several outlines or designs. This image within an image may take the shape of a planet or abstract design.

You can also encapsulate this planetary explosion into the outline of mammals to create a totally unique piece of inked artwork. Placement and size of this design is pretty limitless; however, smaller designs might lose some of the crisp detail and make the idea of the explosion harder to grasp.

Active Galaxy

The hypnotic effect of a swirling active galaxy fits perfectly into a large or small piece. The color combinations are endless, depending on your personal preference. They could be daring bright oranges and blues or muted darker burnt sienna and blacks.

The spirals of dust, particles and planets in an active galaxy can have a soft watercolor or airbrush effect or a defined stippled pattern. The spellbinding circular pattern makes this tattoo perfect for curved areas like the belly button, shoulder, forearm, and calf. While this makes a great stand-alone piece, it can be worked into a larger galaxy motif as filler or a main attraction.

Flaming Nebula Star

Full color is the name of the game in this flaming interstellar piece. Contained within a strong outline, this adds color and visual appeal for any galaxy buff. The explosive color and structure of the gases of deep space could be added to any rounded outline design, but the spiral of the points adds to the overall feel of space.

The calf, forearm, or bicep would house this circular piece in a smaller design, while larger designs might look better on the chest or back.

Red Planet

Are you fascinated with Mars, one of our closest neighbors? While you might not be able to visit this interesting red planet, you can definitely let your fascination shine with a tattoo. This colorful terrain of canyons, volcanos, and craters can be a charming tattoo that will keep people guessing about its significance.

The circular design of this tattoo can fit well on the forearm or bicep, but the middle of the back or behind the neck can create a peek-a-boo effect that might really make your favorite planet shine. This circular tattoo may also fit nicely on your wrist.

Aligned Planets

Sometimes it's hard to remember that we are but a speck in a very large solar system. When things in your life don't always align as they should, you can remember that the planets do with this simple black and white piece. This planetary piece can hold symbolic meaning or just display your love of astronomy.

You can also customize it by adding color and depth to your personal solar system with bright hues and grey wash. The long line of this planetary tattoo makes it perfect for long areas of the body. Additionally, the top of the foot can also be a unique place to ink this distinctive artwork.

Sun Design

The sun is essential for life on this earth. It is the center of our solar system, and a great way to display your love of interstellar designs. It is also symbolic of warmth, power, energy, and strength.

This design works perfectly as a full color piece on the arm or leg, or as part of another design with wording. You could also build a fully galaxy back piece with your sun as the center, shining bright in your universe. If you are more into tribal, you can create a black and white tribal version of this piece that will fit perfectly around your belly button.

Star Cluster

Stars hold a fascinating beauty that is unmatched. To the human eye, they look like burning balls of light. In truth, they are multifaceted gases that burn brightly with a multitude of color.

Tattoos of a star cluster are as diverse as the stars themselves and can fit within any piece or area of the body. The burning rays surrounding this peek into our diverse galaxy, adding a nice element that mimics the burning of the stars themselves. The color and depth of this piece is truly unique and can be modified to include a rainbow of blues or greens.


Saturn has captured the attention of many galactic tattoo goers because of its unique rings and different meanings. Not only is Saturn sixth planet, but it is also the god of fertility and agriculture. There is also the significance of Saturn in astrology to remind of our boundaries or commitments. That tattoo is ideal for men and women and can be created in a full color version or strictly black.

Whether you are a budding astronomer or just enjoy the color and versatility of galaxy tattoos, there are several different designs that you can choose from. These can range from a simple star on your foot to a full rendering of the milky way across your back. These designs really are as limitless as the cosmos themselves.

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