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Whether you're mechanically inclined or a fan of steampunk style, gears and wrenches can inspire tattoo designs that are anything but ordinary. Gather some design ideas and download flash art samples to use for your next tattoo.

This tattoo is a piece of steampunk art that depicts an open zipper which reveals gears and other robotic parts concealed inside a human back, and it's utterly amazing.

Gears and Zipper Flash Art
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If you love that first robotic gears and zipper tattoo, you can achieve a similar look using this piece of flash art as a guide for your own body art. You could have it inked on your back, chest, or even on a calf. Just give it to your tattoo artist, have it properly sized, and let him or her help you decide the best place to have it tattooed.

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Shoulder Gears Tattoo

Here's another cool body gears tattoo design. You can almost imagine you're getting a peek at the collection of gears and mechanics that make the shoulder work. This tattoo lacks the zipper element of the previous tattoo designs, but it still looks terrific with its heavy shading and minimal use of color.

Gear and Tools Design

This design offers a completely different take on the genre, and it might really appeal to you if you're an industrious type of person. The gear surrounds a screwdriver, hammer and wrench as if to say, "Let's get to work!" The bold, black ink ensures this tattoo will really stand out.

Wrench and Gear Flash Art
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If you like the gear and tool combination, this basic wrench through a gear flash art can help your tattoo artist get started on an original design for you. Imagine it filled in as a Zentangle design, or add some wording that has personal meaning like, "Work in Progress" or "Fix What's Broken."

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Dog and Gear Tattoo

In this tattoo design, a gear makes a unique frame for a dog's portrait. If you're a mechanic who happens to own an awesome dog, this design offers the perfect combination. Just swap the dog currently depicted with a portrait of your own pet. If your dog has already passed on, you could turn this into a memorial tattoo by adding his birth and death years on the gear.

Fist in Gear Tattoo

A tattoo of a fist inside a gear is some very powerful imagery. The raised fist can signal unity, and the two elements together might suit someone who's a member of a union. The raised fist can also be interpreted as a sign of resistance or rebellion; coupled with the gear, it can symbolize working for change or revolution.

Peace Gear Tattoo

A peace sign in the center of a gear carries quite a different meaning than a fist in a gear. It could symbolize working toward a peaceful solution to problems whether they're personal or more closely related to the world at large. This tattoo was done in black ink, but you could choose one or more different colors to suit your personal taste.

Fitted Gears Flash Art
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These two fitted gears could symbolize you and your partner working together perfectly. You could even add a name to each gear if you dare, but realize you might need to have your tattoo artist fill in the gears to hide the names if the relationship doesn't last.

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Gas, Gears and Glory Tattoo

What else could this design represent but a love of racing? The wrench is loosely wrapped in a ribbon that bears the words "Gas, Gears, Glory." The colors make the design pop without overwhelming it, and an upper arm is the perfect place to ink this tattoo.

Crossed Wrenches Flash Art
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If you like to work on cars or anything else mechanical, this basic crossed wrenches flash art could become the basis for a tattoo that you design yourself. You could add other elements like a race car, a motorcycle, or a checkered flag to add interest and fill out the design.

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Skulls and Gears

This scary skulls tattoo looks like it's tearing its way out of someone's flesh. It features two skulls, various mechanical elements and some gears near the top. If you're looking for a great biker-style tattoo, consider getting this one inked on your arm.

Biker Skull and Wrenches Tat

Crossed wrenches, a skull wearing a helmet, and the smoke of billowing exhaust combine for an awesome biker tattoo, and black and red ink add an extra sense of menace to the design. It's good as a standalone tat, but it would also look cool as part of a full sleeve.

Multiple Gears and Wrenches
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Here's another piece of basic flash art you can use to get started on a new tattoo. Imagine these gears and wrenches as part of a repeating pattern for a sleeve, or include it in a larger back or chest tattoo design. Add some shading to give the design more depth, and you've got the start of something great.

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Woman and Wrench Tat

This green-tone design is filled with details. There's a "don't mess with me" expression on the woman's face, she's holding a big wrench, and she even has some tattoos of her own. Stars and a horseshoe frame the design. Wear a tattoo like this if you're a tough, confident woman in your own right, or wear it in honor of someone who is.

Clockwork Gears Flash Art
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This piece of flash art goes well with a steampunk theme. The gears are set together in clockwork style, and you can add any other details you like. Perhaps this is another inside view of a robotic "automaton," or maybe it's the inside of a clock that you design around it. You're the one who decides.

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Mechanical Heart Design

This design has a slightly more feminine feel to it. The heart at the top is filled with the mechanics that keep it beating, and a ribbon banner is printed with the words Mechanical Heart. More gears fill out the background. It's a wonderful piece of steampunk art that would make a fantastic tattoo.

There are so many ways to incorporate gears and wrenches in a variety of tattoo styles. Don't be afraid to experiment on paper; your artist can take your ideas and turn them into a one-of-a-kind tattoo just for you.

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