Owl Tattoo Designs

Many Meanings for Owl Tattoos


Less common than some other designs, owls are a great option for women or men who want an unusual tattoo. Owls are also a good choice for many people because they can take on so many different meanings. Owl symbolism may imply wisdom, wealth, protection, mystery, mysticism and much more.

Whether you choose a colorful owl or a basic black design, there is sure to be an owl tattoo that meets you'll love.

Owl on Back


The back is a perfect canvas for a large and colorful owl tattoo, particularly if the design is highly detailed, such as the example shown here. This image of a flying owl with its talons poised and ready highlights both the striking beauty and predatory nature of the owl.

Owl Head on Hand


Getting a hand tattoo can be a way to make a "bold and rebellious style statement," according to Slodive.com. This placement is often an extension of a full sleeve, and is one that will definitely be visible all the time.

If you're ready to commit to a hand tattoo, an owl is a good choice due to its unusual nature and varied symbolism. If you want to get an owl tattoo on your hand, a simple owl head is a good choice, due to the limited space.

Red Owl on the Shoulder


In tattoos, the color red can be symbolic of the healing property of protection. Red is a fitting choice for an owl tattoo placed on the back of the shoulder, where the nocturnal hunter can guard the wearer and protect him or her from harm. This design will work equally well for men or women.

Owl on Branch


An owl sitting on a branch can be a great shoulder tattoo option for women, especially when the style is as feminine as the one pictured here. The combination of pink flowers and the brightly colored wise bird perched in a peaceful stance on a branch makes this design a lovely shoulder tattoo choice for women.

Black Owl Tattoo


Owl tattoos do not have to be brightly colored. Those chosen to symbolize the mystic nature of these creatures are often done in black, such as the lovely illustration shown here.

Owl in a Top Hat


Before getting a tattoo of an owl in a top hat, you should be mindful that this type of tattoo - when placed on a crowbar - is a Russian tattoo indicating that the wearer is a burglar or safe cracker.

While the owl shown here is on a branch rather than a crowbar, be mindful that the image may have a criminal connotation associated with it.

Baby Owl Tattoo


This baby owl with piercing blue eyes provides a great way to showcase the wisdom and powerful vision of these nocturnal creatures. This design with color limited to the enormous eyes of a baby owl may symbolize the ability of owls to see and reflect the truth.

Whimsical Owl


These whimsical owls are as far away from criminal symbolism as you could imagine. Owls are often depicted in a cartoon-like style, showing them in whimsical designs, interesting colors and playful stances.

Individual Statement

Whatever tattoo design you select, whether it is an owl, another type of bird, or something entirely different, select a choice that is meaningful to you personally.

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Owl Tattoo Designs