Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Flaunt a sexy Chinese dragon!

A Chinese dragon tattoo doesn't have to be fierce and fiery. Take a look at the following design ideas, choose either a masculine or feminine style and see just how versatile a dragon tattoo can be.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Styles

While tribal dragon tattoos have remained a perennial classic amongst men for thousands of years, women have also embraced the mythic creature in designs that range from cultural to fairytale in inspiration. If you're certain a Chinese dragon tattoo is the perfect fit for your body art, consider following design ideas and meet with a reputable tattoo artist to create a customized piece.


Dragon Tattoo on the Back

A medieval inspired Chinese dragon makes a masculine and gothic tattoo design. Be sure to incorporate lots of detail and color into your tattoo to create a magical design. Fire-breathing dragons have the most impact; place a fiery dragon on a visible spot for best results. Arms, legs and the back all make great canvases for a mythical mural.


Careful not to wake the sleeping dragon! A sleeping, restful dragon is a popular and feminine tattoo design. Place your sleeping dragon on body areas such as the lower hip, lower back or shoulder for soft and alluring results. Keep the palette restful and muted for serene results by using toned down colors.


Tribal Chinese dragon

Tribal tattoos have a place in both masculine and feminine designs. Keeping the art work bold and black really puts the focus on the silhouette of the Chinese dragon. Paired with Chinese characters or vines, a tribal tattoo is a tough yet classic choice. Wrap your tribal dragon around your biceps, legs or your waist for impact.


Rather than opt for a graphic dragon or an edgy tribal piece, show your love for the beast in a watercolor inspired design filled with soft and alluring colors. Consider having a tattoo artist sketch a freehand dragon and color it in with a variety of bold and soft hues. Soft stokes and loose shapes soften an otherwise fearful creature.


For a classic and traditional dragon tattoo design, pack in lots of action and graphics. Keep the palette dark and smoky in gray and black inkwork, and make sure your artist incorporates design details such as mystical red eyes and sharp claws. A graphic thriller inspired Chinese dragon makes the perfect back piece; consider saving this area for a graphic and large style dragon.

Point to Consider

Whether you opt for a Chinese dragon tattoo based on cultural, horoscope or personal association, the key to making this design idea work is to ensure placement and details are top notch. Lack of color can kill an otherwise brilliant tattoo design, while too much color without enough small details can leave a dragon shapeless and lifeless. A talented artist will have the ability to design and stylize a dragon that suits your body anatomy and placement. While there are plenty of mass produced flash art pieces, a dragon can easily become a symbolic and personal character if given the time to be customized to your liking. Think outside the box and incorporate your favorite colors and artwork style to add personal association to your piece. Work closely with a tattoo artist from the beginning sketch to elements of the final design to ensure your dragon represents your personality well. Chinese dragons can be fierce and fiery or sexy and mysterious; get creative and channel your inner beast!

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