Cool Piano Tattoos for Music Lovers

piano keyboard tattoo on forearm

Pianos and piano keys are a classic tattoo design for music lovers. One of the reasons that these designs are so popular has to do with the classic look yet diverse designs and body placements available. Whether you want a design that is a simple line art or a full-color masterpiece, there are designs available for all music connoisseurs.

Piano Key Design

Tats that are designed with piano keys come in all shapes and sizes. However, the classic black and white piano keys dancing up the forearm or down the side of the leg are common. These keys are typically in black and gray. They might form a straight-line design or take on a funky psychedelic feel by swirling around the arm. Another unique version of this is to have tattooed fingers playing the keys on your skin.

Art Mimics Life

Piano tattoo art is a universal design that fits both men and women. Additionally, the classic look of the keys and the piano really dance along the skin creating a new age to renaissance look. It all really depends on the design that you choose. For example, you can get a full color grand piano inked along your thigh or you could choose to get a simple line art of a piano within a G-clef. Combine them with other favorites, like movie characters or flowers, and you're sure to find a theme that makes the body art suit your life.

Piano and life tattoo
Art mimics life tattoo

Piano and Notes

These designs can take on different forms. For example, there can be a full-color, elaborate piano within a G-clef note. This design can also take the shape of piano keys morphing slowly into music notes. Another option for a piano and music note design is a piano with music notes flowing out of it. This version is the most classic. Additionally, this type of design can vary in shape and fit pretty much in any area you want to ink it.

Piano and music notes tattoo design

Grand Piano Design

The smooth mahogany, the sleek keys, a grand piano has it all. The grand piano can be done as a full color lifelike design or you might choose to do it in black and gray. You can also customize this piece by adding a musician striking the keys. Some people choose to create a full scene in their tattoo while others choose to let the instrument speak for itself. Given the shape of the piano, this design does fit really well in areas like the shoulder bladed and bicep.

Grand Piano Tattoo by Kendal Harkey
Grand Piano Tattoo

Breaking Free From Skin

Piano keys ripping out of your skin are a rather unique idea. Most of the time these are created in black and gray. The ripped flesh design created around the keys themselves gives the illusion that your bones are literally made of music. This design is most commonly found on the arm. This makes sense since the arms and fingers are how you create the music.

Freddy Fingers Tattoo Piano Keyboard
Piano ripping through skin tattoo

Piano Line Art

While you would think line art of a piano would be boring, this is actually quite unique. Those looking at simplistic piano art might get a simple outline of keys along their wrist or a stylized piano along their forearm. Additionally, many artists typically vary the thickness of the lines to create interest and depth in the piano. The only thing really missing is the shading.

Piano line art tattoo Mariano Abiliar
Piano line art tattoo

Keys and Flowers

Beauty and life flow together through the music of a keys and flowers tattoo. The full color design of the flower, typically roses, contrasts the stark black and white keys. This creates depth and interest in the tattoo. The addition of the flower gives the tattoo a fluid soul all its own.

Aaron McGrath Piano and flower tattoo
Piano and flower tattoo

Mic Check

Pianos and mics go together like peas and carrots. Whether it is Elton John belting out his soulful sound or the interesting combination of a mic and piano tattoo, the flow of the piece feels alive. Many times, the work might take a creative spin and have the piano keys flowing around the mic. Music notes can be added to strike the keys of your heart.

Microphone piano flower tattoo Virginia Marvel
Microphone, piano and flower tattoo

The Art of Sound

Pianos are a classic tattoo design, especially for music lovers. These designs can take on several unique forms, but typically the keys or the piano are represented. Other elements like music notes, flowers and mics are also common. Now, find the design that strikes a chord with you.

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