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Funny Tattoos From Smart to Zany

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Some tattoos have a deep emotional meaning, some are just designs that you enjoy, and then, there are the funny tattoos. These are the tats that just make you laugh when you see them. In some way, they may just brighten your day a little, even though you wonder what the person was thinking.

While funny tattoos can range from ironic to outrageous, words are always a great way to get a laugh and make people think. For example, tattooing 'Handmade' on your hands is fun word play. But, if you are a crafter, it adds a whole new level of irony. This is just one of several examples of uniquely funny and outrageous tattoos.

Bandaid Tattoo

Who hasn't fallen on a knee as a kid? Many remember how a bandaid always made the 'boo-boo' feel so much better. Now, could you imagine getting one tattooed on your knee forever? Well, if you have a sense of humor, you might.

The bandaid could represent lots of different things, like your childhood or an emotional wound, but to the casual tat viewer it might just seem ironic and sort of funny. A tattoo like this can make a great conversation piece.

Funny Eyes Tattoo

Doesn't just looking at this image give you a bit of a chuckle? Tattooing eyes on your forearm is classic. It is reminiscent of when you were a child and fell asleep in class; it would've been perfect to have the eyes tattooed there. You wouldn't have fooled anyone, but you definitely would have brightened someone's day. A tattoo like this can be a big hit at parties as well.

While a funny eyes tattoo is great when you throw your arm over your head, it's also a bit of a conversation piece when your arms are at your sides as well. You truly have your eyes on everyone.

Finger Mustache Tattoo

A finger mustache is a selfie classic. You've all seen the selfies on Instagram or SnapChat with the finger mustache, but you can take it to a whole new level by tattooing a simple line mustache on your finger. Sharpies be gone.

This can be a hilarious joke and really make your friends smile. This can be especially true if you pair it with the classic 'I mustache you a question.' No doubt about it, tattooed finger mustaches are just funny. Since it's on your finger, even as you age, this funny tat still won't lose its appeal. Even if you have your own mustache, a tattooed finger mustache can be fun to add to all your friends' pics.

Outrageous Hungry Stomach

Bodily functions can be funny. (If you don't think so, try talking about one in a room full of boys and be prepared for laughter.) Tattoos that mock or make fun of our natural body functions can be witty.

This is where a mouth tattooed on the stomach is just comical. It screams 'feed me.' While this tattoo might get an eye roll or two, it will make a majority of the room laugh out loud. If you are considering an outrageous funny tattoo like this, just remember bigger is better. A mouth covering much of your stomach is going to get a lot of more laughs than a small one. While a tattoo like this is a huge commitment and it will be there forever; if you are going to go for it - go big or go home.

Butter Me Up

Tattoo designs range from beautiful to downright scary, but food and witty wordplay is guaranteed to get you a few smiles.

Most food tattoos are seen as strange and humorous. It doesn't matter if mac and cheese is the reason for your existence; if you get a bowl of it tattooed on your arm, people are guaranteed to chuckle. This is the same with an ear of corn. Now add the words 'butter me up' and you have a tattoo that will literally make people laugh out loud.

This type of tattoo would work both as a larger piece and one that is a bit smaller. The comedic effect is pretty much the same either way. Additionally, you could put this on an arm or your back, but you'll want to go for a place that people will see or your sense of humor will be lost.

Grilled Cheese

Food is everywhere. It's all over Instagram and some people really, really like their food. While everyone has favorite foods, some people's obsession with their favorites can go farther than others. Sure, grilled cheese is your lifeblood, but having it tattooed on your body will draw a few laughs, especially from the casual onlooker.

If you are going for a laugh, then getting a food tattoo in a visible place will provide the best comedic effect. However, if you just want to keep your obsession with grilled cheese to yourself, then you can choose to get this simplistic tattoo in an area only you will see.

Shhhh... Tattooo

Holding your pointer finger to your mouth is a universal sign for telling someone to be quiet. Parents do it to their kids all the time, and we all have to tell people to be quiet once in a while. But could you imagine getting 'Shhh...' tattooed on your pointer finger? If you want to make people chuckle, it's the perfect place.

Embrace Differences With Funny Tattoos

Having a physical deformity can cause emotional distress and even depression in some individuals, but others take a different approach to their unique situation. Instead of being disheartened, they embrace it and use humor to cope.

For example, someone missing a finger or toe might have a tattoo saying, 'gone but not forgotten' or 'gone to the market.' Or, a person with conjoined toes might have a tattoo of a dashed line and scissors as shown here. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Funny To Do List Tattoo

We all have a to-do list. And they always seem to get lost, especially when you are desperate to find them. But would you get one tattooed on your arm? If you have a solid sense of humor, you might. You could even have an endless list of one liners about your newest tattoo!

Hinges Tattoo

The knees and the elbows are the body's hinges. They open and close hundreds of times in our daily lives. While there may not seem to be much funny about them at first thought, if you add a hinge tattoo, you are pretty much guaranteed a laugh. Honestly, would you expect to see a hinge on the back of the knees or elbows?

Are you the funny man or woman in your group always looking to make others laugh? Maybe you're looking for a humorous way to express yourself, or searching for a way to turn your lemons into lemonade. A funny tattoo can be just the answer. Not only will these fun tattoos turn you into the jester at any party without saying a word, but they open the door for conversations, jokes, and laughter.

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