Snowflake Tattoo Ideas That Won't Leave You Cold

Snowflake tattoo ideas

Since every snowflake is unique, getting a snowflake tattoo can show off how special and creative you are, especially since every design is just as unique as the snowflakes themselves. While you might consider just a single snowflake as your perfect design, you might try having them falling down your arm as well.

Simple Snowflakes

With snowflakes, some are simple and others are complex. It all depends on how the snow and ice mix together to create the intricate design. Therefore, a simple black line snowflake could be the perfect addition to your ink repertoire. One reason this design might be appealing is its versatility. Not only might you choose to add this to your ankle, but it can fit snuggly on the inside of your wrist and side of your neck as well. Additionally, you can add a cluster of unique black designs to blow along your collar bone or fall down your back.

Close-Up of woman's arms with snowflake tattoo

Falling Snow

Maybe you only catch one snowflake and reveal in the unique purity of the melting snow or maybe you want to catch them all falling along your skin. If you are more into capturing the beauty of falling snow, there are a variety of ways you can accomplish this.

  • You might choose to create a watercolor background effect with the snowflakes as negative areas with no color.
  • You could also have snowflakes created in black on a backdrop of blues, purples and whites.
  • Yet another option to create the falling snow effect is to have white snowflakes among a colorful background.
Forearm with snowflakes falling

No matter which approach you take to get your falling snow, this type of tat is going to take a bit more room to pull off the desired effect. Therefore, you'll want to consider areas like your shoulder blade, arm, calf, and even your back.

Image Inside a Snowflake

Maybe you can't decide between getting a flower or a really cool looking snowflake. Well why don't you do both. Snowflakes can make great outlines for other images and create a one-of-a-kind look. For example, you could choose to have the outline of a snowflake on your arm with your flower design peeking from inside of it, creating a window effect. To pull off this design, you are going to need to make the snowflake larger, taking up a good chunk of your thigh or possibly your bicep. This will ensure your picture can poke through creating the effect.

Woman's upper arm with snowflake tattoo

Tribal Snowflake

Combine your native pride and love of winter into one majestically you tat design. Tribal snowflakes typically add thick black line work in unique geometric shapes. However, you can choose to change up your design by adding single color or a rainbow effect. Given the thickness of the line work on this type of piece, you'll want to work with a larger area like the bicep or shoulder blade, the hip, and lower back also work effectively.

Woman with tribal snowflake tattoo

White Snowflakes

A white snowflake is a beautifully, creative understated piece that works great falling along your collar bone or even dancing on the inside of your wrist. If you just do white ink, this tattoo has the nice appeal of being hardly visible and easy to hide. However, you can choose to get a black or blue outline to add a bit of spice.

Woman wrist with snowflake tattoo

Blue and Purple Snowflakes

Another common snowflake design is full color snowflakes floating along your skin in a blue and purple color scheme. These snowflakes are a bit larger and typically very detailed and intricate in the design the snowflake creates. Since these are more elaborate snowflakes, they will need more skin to roam. Therefore, your side, forearm, and upper thigh work great.

Woman's torso with snowflake tattoo

Frosty Skin Work

Snowflakes are unique, beautiful, and pure, falling from the sky in a multitude of designs. Therefore, a snowflake tattoo can show your creative side. There isn't a lack for designs either, allowing you to customize your piece.

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Snowflake Tattoo Ideas That Won't Leave You Cold