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A necklace tattoo can really make you shine - it can add color, elegance, beauty, and grace. The designs are vast and can be as varied as the person that wears the ink. They can hold deep meaning or just be a colorful piece to add a fun accent to your skin.

A Forever Necklace

The neck is a very visible and expressive part of the body that can be sensual, delicate, and strong all at the same time. Throughout history, all races and genders have adorned their neck with various tattoos and jewelry to add beauty and meaning to their body. In today's society, more and more individuals are choosing to permanently add jewelry or jewelry like designs, like tattoo necklaces, to their bodies.

The reasons are as varied as the individual. Some people can't afford the look they are going for with necklaces and tattooing can be an option. Others might have allergies to specific materials and choose to tattoo their favorite designs instead. Still others enjoy the permanence of tattooing their favorite necklace or grandma's pearls onto their skin, making the design become part of who they are. For still others, the necklace could be a cultural design that demonstrates their heritage.

Pain Associated With Necklace Tats

While the neck isn't typically a 'pass out area', it can be a very painful location to tattoo, especially if the design is thick or has a lot of detail. Additionally, some designs take more time and needle work and might require a softer hand for individuals that are very sensitive to pain. You may want to talk with your artist and discuss getting this broken up into multiple sessions.

Tattoo Necklace Design Ideas

There are some common necklace designs that might strike your fancy, but you can also consider unique styles as well.

Celtic Necklace Tats

Thick Celtic Design

While necklace designs vary, you will typically find bold, thicker designs on men more than women. That's not to say that you won't see a Celtic rope on women, it's just not as common. Celtic knots are typically thicker designs that weave around the neck. They can be tight around the neck without the thick border (a more feminine design) or bold and taking up a larger space, giving it a more masculine feel.

These designs can come in black and gray or color depending on the patron's preference. Additionally, depending on your heritage, the Celtic knot can hold a cultural significance to you, which could vary the design. This necklace design can standalone well, but it will also work in conjunction with a larger chest or back piece.

While the detail of this design is fairly simplistic, the amount of time it will take can depend on the artist. It could take anywhere from an hour to two. The pain-level will be higher because it is a bolder design with more black work.

Deer Skull Necklace Tattoos

Antler Design

Are you an avid hunter? Do you find the deer to be a graceful, majestic animal? No matter what your reasons, a deer antler tattoo can make a beautiful addition to your tattoo repertoire. These designs are both beautiful and strong and fit men and women equally. The meaning behind this tattoo can be as varied as the different artistic renderings, but can be used to symbolize grace, the life cycle, nourishment, spirituality, a trophy, respect, and even balance in your life.

This design is typically done in black and gray and can vary from simple black outline to a very detailed skull and antlers. Some women might also choose to add a bit of color like pink or red as well as other elements like roses or rosary beads. While a more detailed design can be more painful, a fairly simplistic design will typically be slightly uncomfortable and not associated with white-knuckling the tattoo chair.

Bohemian Designs

Bpho necklace
Boho Necklace

Bohemian art is typically as varied as it is beautiful and as mysterious as it is eccentric. They can be wild, free, or rebellious and show your true gypsy spirit. Bohemian (boho) necklace tattoos can encompass a plethora of meaning and spirituality depending on the specific design and elements, like feathers or henna designs. They can include Native American, Hindu, and Buddhist elements (to name a few). For example, the incorporation of the feathers and jewels into the design above gives it a distinctly Native American feel.

Boho designs can be found on both men and women, but you'll typically see them more on women. The designs can range from simplistic to ornate lines and patterns and range from black and gray to elaborate full color pieces. Some of the more intricate patterns could take several sessions to complete because of the sheer size. However, the simplistic designs can usually be done in one session.

Dog Tags

Dog Tag Tattoo
Dog Tag Tattoo

A tattoo necklace of dog tags can be used to commemorate your time in the military or to give respect to a fallen comrade. It can also be a tattoo that a spouse, significant other, or family member may choose as well. This is a very personal necklace tattoo that can fit well on both men and women.

Dog tag necklaces are typically a simplistic design with the rounded chain leading to the tag that may just have the person's name or their name, religious affiliation, blood type. and your department of defense number. This design is typically created in black and gray, but color can be added depending on the wearer's preference. While this design can work well alone, it can also be coordinated with a larger chest piece.

Horror and Scar Design Elements

Autopsy Scar
Autopsy Scar

Maybe you are a horror buff, Halloween is your favorite holiday, or you trying to show the world the invisible scars that you bear. Whatever the case, a scar necklace can be a very symbolic tat that can be added to your chest theme or work as a standalone piece. While this piece can be done in black and gray, the red adds contrast and interest to the necklace drawing interest down the neck line. Given the basic outline with X-like stitches and the revealed flesh beneath, this tattoo can typically be done relatively easily in one session.

Ocean-Themed Tats

Ocean themed
Oceaned-Themed Necklace

Not only is the ocean full of mystery and intrigue, it also makes you think of warm sun and waves crashing over you. Ocean-themed necklaces can be popular among a variety of individuals both young and old. While a sea shell necklace might be considered more of a feminine tattoo, it is by no means designed specifically for the female gender. There are plenty of men that sport an ocean-themed necklace design.

The details in these designs and the different elements present can get very detailed or remain simplistic depending on your own unique personality. The color combinations and elements that can go into this design are genuinely as limitless as the imagination. While a seashell necklace can go well with an ocean-themed chest piece, it can work by itself too. The more detail and elements you add, the more time and pain can be involved. Don't let that stop you from getting what you want, though. Pain only lasts a moment, but ink a lifetime.

Bold, Intricate Designs

Lock and Key Necklace
Lock and Key Necklace

Intricate, bold designs add elegance to the necklace tat and really draw interest. These detailed and defined pieces use several artistic elements to really make this forever jewelry shine on your skin. While you can choose to simply use elegant design elements to tantalize and tease your audience, you can also add meaning through individual pieces of your tattoo, like a heart-shaped lock. The line work emulating tear drop jewels and the artistically mastered filigree make this specific tat appeal to a softer more feminine audience. However, adding bolder or tribal elements to your inked necklace can give it a more masculine appeal.

An intricate design can be successfully created in both black and gray as well as color. Color work can give it a bolder, more eye-catching quality, while the black and gray adds an elegant, antique quality. Given the level of detail and the positioning of the tat, the pain involved around the chest and collarbones can range from annoying to white-knuckling. The vibration of the gun on the bone of the chest can intensify the pain factor, but doing the outline then adding the detail work at a later session can make the pain a bit more bearable.

Individual Meanings and Designs

Necklace tattoo designs are as vast and varied as the individuals that get them. You can take virtually any concept and make it into an interesting necklace piece. While you might typically see these designs emulating jewelry, there are several ways to make the design unique, like by turning a horror design into a necklace. Whatever your style, a necklace tattoo can hurt more than a tattoo on your bicep or shoulder, due to the placement and the lack of fat in the area. However, your artist can always break the session up if it becomes too much. Find your favorite necklace design and make an appointment with your artist to express your own unique personality.

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