Tattoos of Pisces Fish

Pisces Tattoos

Tattoos of Pisces fish are a popular zodiac tattoo often comprised of a basic design with two fish facing opposite directions. However, the tattoo designs including Pisces fish have grown to include something for everyone.

Meaning of the Pisces Fish Symbol

While the dual fish symbol is clearly recognized as the zodiac symbol for Pisces, not everyone agrees on what the symbol means. Some people argue that the two fish are swimming in opposite directions, while others interpret the symbol to be two fish chasing each other. One benefit of getting tattoos of Pisces fish is that the person getting the tattoo will be able to assign the meaning behind their tattoo. For example, it may represent a time in life when the person felt pulled in opposite directions or a time of confusion.

Other Meanings Associated with Pisces Fish

Tattoos of Pisces fish also represent characteristics of people born between February 20 and March 20. With that in mind the Pisces fish are said to represent people who are:

  • Compassionate
  • Imaginative
  • Impressionable
  • Intuitive
  • Kind
  • Open-minded
  • Sensitive
  • Selfless
  • Spiritual
  • Sympathetic

Ideas for Tattoos of Pisces Fish

The various meanings behind the Pisces fish symbol leave plenty of room to create your own interpretation of how the symbol applies to you. Pisces fish make a great choice for body art, and tattoo ideas for Pisces fish are just about limitless. Whether inked in black or with a colorful touch, these fish work well as stand alone body art or can be incorporated into a larger piece.

Zodiac tattoos can be worn on any part of the body. Placement will be somewhat dictated by the size of the design you choose. The following tattoo ideas can be used to spark inspiration for your Pisces fish tattoo design and placement.

Foot Tattoo Designs: Pisces fish make a nice looking colorful tattoo when placed on top of the foot. For something a little more creative, split the two Pisces fish into two separate tattoos, one on each foot. If you choose the second option, remember to keep the fish facing each other.

Neck Tattoo: Small to medium Pisces neck tattoos, when done well, can create interest and draw a little extra attention that draws a second glance. Women most often wear a tattoo on the nape of the neck and choose a more delicate rendering.

Lower Back: The Pisces fish can also be used to design a sexy lower-back tattoo that creates a bit of mystery as half of each fish peeks from the top of waistline of the pants.

Full Back: For a large design, the Pisces tattoo can cover the back with a fish tattooed on each shoulder blade. This offers enough canvas to incorporate other images in the design.

Use of Contrast

Use contrast to make a more interesting tattoo. This can be accomplished by designing one white fish and one black fish or use own contrasting combinations. To give the tattoo a completed look, color the eyes of each fish with its twin's color.

Colors to Choose

Pisces fish tattoos lend themselves to color, and to keep with the Pisces theme, colors associated with the sign include:

  • Green
  • Aquamarine
  • Teals
  • Light blue

For a tribal tattoo look you can have the Pisces fish inked in black and white.

Other Pisces Symbols

The Pisces glyph is another popular symbol used for Pisces tattoos. This glyph is ideal for a very small tattoo which can be easily covered. Some designs also encircle the glyph with the Pisces fish which looks good when inked as a medium to large tattoo.

A third symbol associated with Pisces is Neptune. The image of Neptune makes a striking tattoo when linked to the Pisces fish for larger pieces

A fourth image associated with Pisces is the water lily, which can also be added to a more complex and larger piece.

Symbolic Meaning

Tattoos are an ancient art form with symbolic meaning. The meaning behind a Pisces tattoo is often the contradictory nature of life, but you can add your own meaning of a time in life when things were confusing or the fact that you were born under the sign. The Pisces fish symbol is the most preferred for a Pisces tattoo design. It lends itself to a creative way to express who you are and what you've been through.

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